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INTV’s 28th Telethon: Global Surge of Support for Iranian Freedom

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On January 12, Simay-e Azadi, also known as INTV, an Iranian opposition satellite channel, successfully hosted its 28th telethon, extending until January 15. Despite allocating dozens of phone lines for the initiative, individuals within and outside Iran faced prolonged wait times to participate and convey their support for the network dedicated to spotlighting the Iranian people’s pursuit of freedom.

Ultimately, the 28th INTV telethon successfully raised $7.05 million. Simaye Azadi, a 24/7 Persian-speaking TV network, operates solely on contributions and remains independent from any foreign government influence, making it immune to external intervention and fluctuating policies towards the Iranian regime.

INTV broadcasts simultaneously on multiple satellite platforms, including Express AM6, Hot Bird 13B, Hot Bird 13C, Eutelsat 7B, Eutelsat 7B, and TurkmenÄlem.

Gholam from the United States, who made a collective contribution of $10,000 said, “This telethon once again showed that supporters of this Resistance movement are countless. People are eagerly waiting in line for days to make contributions, and regardless of the amount, they do it with humility.”

Azar and Behzad from Canada who contributed $1.5 million said, “We are making this contribution because we have witnessed how selfless members of the Iranian Resistance are and how every penny is used by the INTV to reflect the voice of the Iranian people.”

“I make a million-dollar contribution from my personal account and I feel proud because you connect us with the pain of our people inside the country and encourage us by showing the bravery of the defiant youth who challenge the regime’s authority,” Azar added.

Simay-e Azadi, the pioneering and longest-standing Persian satellite network broadcasting from Europe, commands a substantial audience both within Iran and abroad. Operating independently and relying exclusively on public contributions, INTV has steadfastly combated the regime’s censorship and relentless interference for years, ensuring coverage aligns with the interests of the Iranian people and their Resistance.

Playing a pivotal role in the past major uprisings in Iran, Simay-e Azadi amplified the voices of Iranians rejecting the ruling theocracy and any return to the deposed monarchy or a ruling system that refuses to reflect people’s demands.

“We are proud to support the INTV because it showed the Iranian people’s desire for a republic, and how they rejected pseudo alternatives during the uprising by chanting ‘down with the oppressor be it the Shah or mullahs,” said a group of Iranians from Southern California.

The telethon witnessed a remarkable global outreach, with Iranians from 41 countries and diverse ethnic backgrounds within Iran contributing morally and financially to INTV. Spanning for several dozen hours, the telethon provided more than a hundred telephone lines for participation, while many Iranians engaged through social media platforms such as Telegram and Skype.

“I’m making a contribution of $1,010 and I’m sorry that I don’t have more to give. In her last video before martyrdom in the 2022 nationwide uprising, Hadis Najafi said she is joining the uprising to tell future generations that she did not neglect her duties. Now I make this contribution to feel I have done something for my people,” said Mohammad from Brazil.

The telethon featured impassioned calls from defiant youths within Iran and courageous members of the Resistance Units, an internal network of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) pivotal to the ongoing nationwide protests.

“I dedicate my activities, including projecting a large image of the Iranian Resistance leaders inside the country to the INTV,” said a member of the MEK Resistance Units.

“I’m not in the position to contribute, but I urge our compatriots outside of Iran to make contributions instead of us. I know the price of liberty, as many other youths like me knew and paid that price. I vow to do whatever I can for this Resistance,” Sarina from Sari, northern Iran, said.

Following her heartwarming call, dozens of the members of the Iranian diaspora renewed their commitments and increased their donations to the INTV.

Despite the regime’s harsh punishment of any association with the Iranian Resistance, MEK supporters within Iran vowed to persist in the struggle for freedom. The telethon bore witness to heartfelt and poignant calls, with some contributors making pledges amidst the economic challenges gripping the nation.

“My dear children, while I suffer from Iran’s economic crunch like millions more, I must support the INTV. Therefore, I sell my car and make a contribution,” Fatemeh, an elderly woman and a longtime supporter of Simay-e Azadi, said in her letter.

The 28th INTV telethon attracted diverse participants, including individuals from academia, physicians, engineers, CEOs, directors, and youths whose connection to their homeland fueled their support for their compatriots sparking a revolution on Iran’s streets.

These calls, coupled with the unwavering efforts of the Iranian Resistance Units within the country, not only underscore the robust social and political foundation of the Iranian Resistance in Iran but also mirror the profound desire of the Iranian people to overthrow the regime and establish a democratic nation, regardless of the sacrifices involved.