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Despicable defeat of spectacle of the Intelligence and Qods Force agents of the clerical regime despite extensive support of the Government of Iraq and Iraqi Army’s Fifth Division

Ashraf Occupation- No. 164

NCRI – Despite three weeks of preparation and lots fanfare for a “massive demonstration” for the expulsion of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran from Iraq, the spectacle by the agents of the mullah’s Ministry of Intelligence and the Qods Force in Iraq that enjoyed the full support of the Government of Iraq and the Fifth Division of the Iraqi Army, turned into an unprecedented defeat.
The Arab language Television of the clerical regime (Alalam) that was supposed to broadcast this show live in its entirety, due to the fact that it turned into a defeated farce, was compelled to broadcast a few sporadic shots.

The forces of the Iraqi’s 5th division and the head of the operations in Diayala Province, who were present on the scene today, were the perpetrators of the April 8 bloodbath. They were present at the scene during the April 8 massacre.
The hired agents of the clerical regime’s embassy in Baghdad and the Qods Force were brought into the scene with known tactics that have been used by Khamenei, Qadafi ,and Bashar Assad in order to Whitewash Maleki’s blood-drenched hands in Ashraf and call for a new bloodbath.
The Iraqi suppressive forces and the equipments of the combat engineering units of the Iraqi Army’s Fifth Division were utilized from several days ago to prepare the scene of the show in the barren land in the eastern flank of Ashraf and the logistical needs of the machineries.

Prior to this the official forms of the Government of Iraq were distributed extensively for hiring and receiving of mercenaries. The Iranian Resistance exposed the official forms yesterday. For supporting the illegal deadline for the closure of Ashraf, the ““Coordination Committee for Demonstrations in front of the New Iraq Camp” handed out 10,000 Dinars to every participant in the regime’s show. The Committee handed out 25,000 Dinars to every van driver and 50,000 Dinars to every bus driver.
In the government forms, in order to receive the hired agents, for each region a coordinator, the number of people that he had to bring to the spectacle and all the vehicles and the plate numbers were predefined.  The person in charge of the committee and one of the coordinators had to fill out and to sign the form for the person to receive the money. On each form the official logo of the “society for Justice for the victims of the terrorist organization (meaning Mojahedin)” is printed!

But despite all the costly preparations, participants in the show ranged from 300 to 400 people dispersed in small groups, half of whom where children.
This ranks among the most disastrous failed showings during the three years since the siege of Ashraf started and is reflective of the distaste of the Iraqi public for Khamenei and Maleki’s suppressive shows in Iraq.
The spectacle started at about 10AM and ended before 12PM. In the final declaration read by the hired hands of the Iranian regime’s embassy in Baghdad, full support was expressed for Maleki’s measures to close Ashraf by the end of the year and it was stressed that Ashraf residents should be returned to Iran or another country “otherwise we agree with the government’s decision to demolish this large base and disperse its usurpers in various provinces…  In case they do not abide by the order of the council of ministers of Iraq, we will be forced to rain down rocks on them using catapults.”

The organizer of this ceremony was Rafe Issa, a known agent of the terrorist Qods Force and a hired agent of the Iranian embassy in Baghdad. Also participating in this propaganda show of the Iranian mullahs were Hassan Sobhani, Ali Qashqai, Mehdi Khoshhal, and Abbas Sadeghnejad who are all members of the mullahs intelligence network in Germany and were called on to participate as “former members of the PMOI” in order to express gratitude to Maleki’s government for the massacre of the PMOI.
Today’s spectacle reveals the evil and murderous intentions of the Iraqi government for the forcible relocation, dispersing and suppression of Ashraf residents in various locations in Iraq. Maleki’s two month obstruction of the UNHCR’s work in Ashraf, alongside his intensification of pressures and suppressive actions such as preventing the repatriation of a deceased Ashraf woman’s body and prevention of entry of fuel and daily basic needs of the camp such as even coal and timber during the cold winter months are all part of the same evil and shameful intentions.

Secretariat of National Council of Resistance of Iran
November 18, 2011