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Official Iraqi Ministry’s employment form for employment and the document exposing the Iranian regimes’ agents travel to Baghdad for participation in staged demonstrations against Mojahedin in Ashraf

Ashraf Occupation- No. 163

NCRI – The secretariat of National Council of Resistance of Iran exposes the official Iraqi government employment forms that were widely distributed to hire Iraqis for the purpose of staging demonstration against the Mojahedin in Ashraf.

As expressed in statement no. 163 on November 18, Khamenei has ordered the Iranian embassy in Iraq to stage a demonstration, at whatever cost, in support of  Maleki’s November 27 ultimatum for closure of Ashraf. In order to hire people for this demonstration, the Prime Minister’s Committee overseeing Ashraf activities has distributed an official government employment form by a newly formed committee designated; “Coordination Committee for Demonstrations in front of the New Iraq Camp”. This committee is tasked to coordinate the activities of the hired people.

Based on the information, each regional leader is responsible to deliver a predefined number people to the demonstration.  Furthermore, all the vehicles to be used for transporting the demonstrators to the location have been already identified.  The identifications include the vehicle models and the license plate numbers.

These forms are to be filled and signed by the regional heads and reported to headquarter. On each form the official logo of the “society for Justice for the victims of the terrorist organization (meaning Mojahedin)” is printed!

Concurrently, the Mullahs’ regime has sent a large number of its secret service agents from inside and outside of Iran to Iraq to participate in the demonstrations.  These agents are stationed in Rashid Hotel in Baghdad.

The aim of the Iranian regime from these activities is to white wash the blood shed by the Maleki government that is now under extensive international pressure and to encourage him to continue the murder of the camp residents.  The Iranian regime’s agents have been arriving in Baghdad since Wednesday.  (Pictures are included)
The commander of the Iraqi’s 5th division and the head of the operations in Diali province have been ordered to be present in the demonstrations on Friday. On Wednesday, the Iraqi forces constructed a 2 meter high and 100 meters long dirt wall overlooking the camp at a distance of 100 meters from the camp.  This wall is to be used by the demonstrators so that they could have the visibility of inside of the camp. Alalem, the Iranian regime’s Arabic language TV, is to live broadcast this demonstration.

Nafe Issa and Ahlam Maleki, both members of the terrorist Quds force and a number of commanders from the 9 Badr brigade, including Abu Heidar Saadi, Sheikh Kuwan and Mohammed Kazem, will lead the demonstrators.  The local villagers have been threatened that they would be arrested and subjected to torture in Maleki’s prisons if they did not participate in this staged demonstration.  Each villager that participates, in turn will receive money, food, transportation and free trip to Iran which could include medical care.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
November 18, 2011