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Iraqi agents obstruct Camp Liberty residents receiving medical care


NCRI – The inhuman medical siege of Camp Liberty and intentional delay in the transfer of patients to the hospital continues that in recent days has caused a number of people to lose their medical appointments and return to camp without any result. Appointments that in some cases have been pending for months.

On April 30, 2015, the Iraqi agents hold up the patients’ ambulance without any reason more than two hours at the entrance of the camp. As a result, one of the female patients lost her medical appointment.

A day earlier, the Iraqi agents held patients at the entrance of the camp more than one and a half hours. As a result, one of the patients lost her medical appointment. On return too, they held the patients without any reason an hour at the entrance of the camp, causing the deterioration of the conditions of two female patients.

On April 28, on the return of the patients’ ambulance, following intentional delay for an hour at the camp entrance, the conditions of three patients, including two patients with heart problems, deteriorated.
On April 26, when patients were exiting the camp, the Iraqi agents harassed and insulted one of the patients. One of the officers checked identification cards and threatened the said patient that he would destroy the ID card and said, this is the identity card of “Monafeqin (Hypocrates)”. Monafeqin is a derogatory term used by the Iranian regime for PMOI.

The policy of causing slow death for the Liberty patients is a well- known inhuman policy of the Iraqi agents. Harassment of patients and intentionally causing delays in transfers to the hospital is part of this policy. Jalal Seyyed Abedini was the twenty-fifth resident who lost his life as a result of the blockade and the lack of free access to medical services on April 17, 2015.

The Iranian Resistance, given the obligations of the US government and the United Nations regarding the health and safety of the residents of Liberty, calls for immediate intervention to end the prison-making and medical siege of the camp, and to guarantee the free access of the residents to medical services.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
May 2, 2015