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IRAN: 16 Prisoner Hanged on Monday (June 1, 2015)


NCRI – The antihuman clerical regime ruling Iran hanged at least 16 prisoners on June 1 in the cities of Karaj and Orumiyeh.

At least a group of twelve prisoners were hanged in Ghezel Hessar Prison in the city of Karaj. They had been transferred to isolation on May 30 to await their execution.

One of the prisoners lost his life due to a heart attack while waiting in solitary confinement for execution.

Grieving families of those hanged gathered outside the prison to receive the corpses of their loved ones.

A day earlier, the anti-riot prison guards in Ghezel Hessar attacked and battered the death row prisoners who had refused to eat in protest to the group executions.

In another atrocity, four Kurdish prisoners including three cousins were collectively hanged in Darya Prison in the city of Orumiyeh.

The religious dictatorship ruling Iran that is incapable of confronting the escalating domestic and international crises has increased hanging of prisoner to raise fear of terror in the society to prevent growing public expression of dissent.

On May 30, three prisoners were paraded in the streets of Pakdasht (Tehran Province) under the pretense of being “thugs and hoodlums”. Colonel A’dinevand, commander of the security forces in Pakdasht County, said: “People need to be sure that security is not something that anyone may disrupt.”

The men were subjected to degrading punishments and were paraded shortly after they were arrested without attending any judicial process.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 1, 2015