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Iran: Regime forces attack families of political prisoners, arrest scores

NCRI – On Monday, November 23, agents of regime’s Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) brutally attacked families of martyrs and political prisoners in Tehran’s Vanak Square arresting some and taking them to undisclosed location. This measure taken to prevent their protest gathering was the second such attack by suppressive forces this week against these families. Just two days ago, the suppressive forces had attacked an assembly of families of martyrs and political prisoner in front of Evin Prison arresting dozens and transferring them to Evin or Qerchak Prison in Varamin.

Ms. Seamin Ayvaz-zadeh, 56, mother of political prisoner Omid Ali Shenas, who was arrested on November 21 and transferred with a number of other women to Qerchak Prison in Varamin is currently on hunger strike. She suffers of high blood pressure and arrhythmia.

Her son Mr. Omid Ali Shenas, a political prisoner in Ward 8 of Evin that has staged a hunger strike in protest to the MOIS agents attack on the families of prisoners and the arrest of his mother, was battered by head henchman Khazaii, a guard officer in Evin. This prisoner that has been detained for 14 months has been kept in limbo and his trial date has still not been announced.

The Iranian regime has found brutal suppression as the only tool to confront the wave of popular protests and public abhorrence.

The Iranian Resistance calls on the Iranian people, especially the valiant youth, to support and show solidarity with the families of political prisoners, especially those arrested in the recent days, and urges all international human rights agencies to take immediate and effective action to secure the release of all arrestees of the recent days.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
November 23, 2015