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Iran: Six Hanged in Qom, Arak, and Saveh

File photo: Arak-Central-Prison

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Mullahs continue executions even in the holy month of Muharram

Fearing the outburst of the enraged people and to intimidate them, the clerical regime cannot stop its execution machine even during the holy month of Muharram, during which any bloodshed is forbidden. On Wednesday, August 10, Mohammad Hossein Alizadeh was hanged in Qom prison after six years in prison. On the same day, Mehdi Nurkarmi was hanged in Arak prison. The regime executed Gharahlor in Qom and Milad Badrkhani and Hossein Bagherpour in Saveh Prison, on August 6 and 5, respectively. On August 1, Mojtaba Ramin also in Saveh Prison were executed, bringing the number of executions in the past 20 days to 39.

The Iranian Resistance urges the United Nations, all human rights organizations, the European Union, and its member states to condemn these executions and take urgent action to save the lives of thousands of death row prisoners.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

August 12, 2022