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Iran: Surging Coronavirus death toll Over 9,600 die in 210 cities

Iran: COVID-19 outbreak, Kamkar hospital, Qom
Iran: COVID-19 outbreak, Kamkar hospital, Qom

NCRI-50-2Maryam Rajavi: Khamenei’s remarks show regime’s deadlock, fear of uprisings

The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK) announced this afternoon, March 22, 2020, that the Coronavirus death toll has risen to more than 9,600 in 210 cities across Iran. The number of victims in Tehran province is at least 1,500, in Ardabil 120, in Kerman 160, in Mazandaran 620, in Isfahan 690, in Golestan 490, in Lorestan 180, and Qazvin 250. In Qazvin, hospitals are filled with patients, and Qazvin’s International Exhibition Center has also been dedicated to Coronavirus patients. At the same time, the number of victims in Qazvin and other cities, including Kordkuy, Maku, Neyshabur, Semnan, and Aliabad, is increasing daily.

Regarding the gravity of the situation, ten former directors of the Health Insurance Organization wrote to Hassan Rouhani, saying: “Given the wrong estimates in February, unless immediate action is taken today, we are likely to see major problems at the end of this month (April 19, 2020), which in addition to threats to public health will seriously engage the executive branch”.

Meanwhile, Hassan Ghazizadeh Hashemi, Rouhani’s former Health Minister, claimed today,” Since mid-December, I have raised concerns about Coronavirus outbreak with senior officials in the country, including the president. Still, most of my efforts have been ineffective so far.”

Under such circumstances, today, Ali Khamenei devoted much of his 40-minute speech to repetitive preachings, addressing the virus issue at the very end, where he explained why he had refused to accept the assistance of the United States to combat Coronavirus.

Khamenei said: “Firstly, you (The United States) are facing shortages of your own … If you have anything, use it yourself. Secondly, you have allegedly produced the virus. One must be insane to trust that you will bring medicine. Your drugs may even spread the disease further or stabilize the virus. Or, if you send a physician, you may want to closely test the toxic effects of the virus you have created. Because it’s said that given the knowledge about Iranian genes, part of the virus has been specially created for Iran.”

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), said: Khamenei’s shallow and demagogic rambling reflect, in addition to his cruelty about the (Coronavirus) patients, his despair and passivity emanating from the mortal deadlock engulfing the regime and concern over popular uprisings. While this disaster has swept across Iran and the number of victims continues to grow, Khamenei did not offer any solutions, nor not even a promise to help the people.

Mrs. Rajavi added: Khamenei’s drivel about the production of the virus by the U.S is a desperate attempt to cover up the regime’s incompetence in confronting the disease and the mullahs’ criminal role in the explosive spread of the virus nationwide and to divert the people’s anger, and disgust towards the U.S. But these justifications no longer work and only exacerbate the people’s rage.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)
March 22, 2020