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Mullahs set the stage to suppress dissident students

Mullahs set the stage to suppress dissident studentsNCRI – In an interview with the state-run news agency, ISNA, Tehran’s Deputy Prosecutor General, Mahmoud Salarkya said, "The arrested students at Tehran University’s dormitory” were “stone throwing trespassers who injured government agents and destroyed public properties.” He added,”They were not students; they went there to destroy the university.”

In an interview with the state-run new agency, Fars, head of the Information Center for the Greater Tehran State Security Forces, Mohammad Tourang, said, “Eight people were arrested” in Tehran university’s dormitories, adding "There is still doubt as to the identity of the arrested, whose files will be referred to judiciary as soon as they are completed.” Tourang described the widespread uprising at Tehran University’s dormitory in which he acknowledged some “20 security agents were injured” as “the work of people outside the university” with links abroad.

Attributing the students’ uprising and protests to those outside the universities is a desperate attempt to cover up the students’ increasing anger and hatred toward the medieval regime ruling Iran. 

The Iranian Resistance calls on all international human rights organizations to condemn the brutal suppression of Iranian students and take immediate action to save the lives of those imprisoned.     

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
May 28, 2006