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Over 100 More Victims in 18 Cities

Coronavirus Outbreak in Iran
Coronavirus Outbreak in Iran

Coronavirus death toll exceeds 1,300

After weeks of lies, Rouhani admits the virus has spread to all provinces

Today, the people’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK) announced that at least 100 more people have lost their lives from Coronavirus in various cities, including Mashhad, Tehran, Kashan, Anzali, Qom, Rasht, Arak, Ahvaz, Isfahan, and Aran and Bidgol. Additionally, s more people have died in Semnan, Razan (Hamedan), Shahr—e Kord, Marivan, Bijar, Agh-Qala, and Bukan.

These bring the number of fatalities to more than 1,300 so far.

The serious gravity of the situation has prompted the mullahs to declare, albeit belatedly, the state of red alert for a number of provinces. They have also, canceled Friday prayer congregations, and events and gatherings as well as schools, universities, conferences, and meetings.

Following the cancellation of all foreign trips for government agencies, today and after weeks of lies, Hassan Rouhani, who had suggested a week ago that “life would have returned to normal” by end February 2020, reluctantly  (4 days ago) admitted, “This disease has spread widely to almost all of our provinces”. Furious over the revelation of actual casualty figures, Rouhani lamented, “They give false numbers, and they claim that we do not tell the truth to the people.” He impudently added, “From day one, once we suspected the virus has entered the country, we immediately instructed the Ministry of Health to inform the public about the figures and the relevant information. We told them not to hide anything from the public”.

While in every other country, at least 3-4 weeks before any fatality was reported, the people had been warned about the Coronavirus outbreak, under the mullahs’ rule, the news of the virus, was made public only when the first two victims had lost their lives in Qom.

The criminal cover-up and disseminating lies and misinformation not only added to the rapid spread of the virus in Iran but has resulted in the transmission of the virus to many other countries.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

March 4, 2020