Security Forces Brutally Raid Women's IWD Gathering in Tehran

Iran uprising – No. 104

Urgent call for immediate freedom of those arrested

Thursday, March 8, 2018, on the International Women’s Day, a group of courageous Iranian women gathered outside the Labor Ministry on Tehran’s Azadi Ave.

NCRI Women's Committee Condemns Brutalizing and Arrest of Women Protesting the Compulsory Veil

NCRI Women’s Committee vehemently condemns brutalizing and arrest of women protesting the compulsory veil, calls for urgent action to secure their release

Violent attacks on women who protest against the compulsory veil have continued in recent days, by the clerical regime’s forces’ beating and arresting the protesters.

NCRI Women's Committee Calls for the Release of Dozens of Women Arrested in the Dervishes' Gathering in Tehran

Seventy of the women arrested during the dervishes’ gathering in Golestan Haftom Ave. in Tehran, have been brutalized and taken to the Quarantine Ward 3 of the notorious Qarchak Prison in Varamin.

International Women's Day Event

Dignitaries from five continents participate in Paris Conference, entitled,“Women Force for Change, Iran Uprising and the Role of Women”

The NCRI President-elect Maryam Rajavi addressed a conference in Paris on Saturday, February 17, 2018. In her remarks to the conference entitled, “Women Force for Change, Iran uprising and the role of women,” she hailed Iran’s brave and freedom loving women who played their role in the struggle against fundamentalism, also women all around the world who resisted against dictatorship, fundamentalism and violence, particularly the women of Syria.

Call for Urgent Action to Free Women Arrested in Iran

Maryam Rajavi to the Council of Europe: Compel the Iranian regime to stop repression of women and abolish the compulsory veil

The Women’s Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran strongly condemns the Iranian regime’s state security forces’ attack on a woman in Tehran on Thursday, February 15, 2018, and arresting her for protesting against the compulsory veil.

Iranian Resistance Urgent Call to Save Two Lady Political Prisoners on 11th Day of Hunger Strike

The Iranian Resistance calls to save political prisoners, Atena Daemi and Golrokh Iraee, who are in dire situation due to 11 days of hunger strike. The NCRI calls on international human rights and women's rights advocates to take urgent action to save the lives of the two political prisoners. The two young women are exposed to verbal abuse and harassment by prison authorities in addition to the effects of hunger strike.

NCRI Women’s Committee Urges Censure of the Arrests of Iranian Women for Shunning the Veil

call for urgent action and unconditional release of detainees

Thursday, February 1, 2018, the IRGC-backed FARS news agency announced that the regime’s repressive forces had arrested 29 women in Tehran for not having the veil, and “turned them in to the Judiciary.” The arrests were claimed to be “in line with social security” and the regime’s Judiciary has reportedly set heavy bails for the freedom of the apprehended women.


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