Saturday, June 3, 2023
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State-Run Media Admit the Regime Is Behind Iran’s Crises

State-Run Media Admit the Regime Is Behind for Iran’s Crises

Iran’s economic crises and people’s livelihood problems become worse daily. The Iranian regime tries to cover up people’s harsh living conditions, simultaneous with its apologists’ efforts abroad to blame sanctions for Iran’s crises. Yet, state-run media now admit to Iran’s economic crises and the regime’s role in deepening them. 

“Workers’ incomes do not cover living expenses. Workers’ life expectancy shows a real decline compared to other classes,” wrote the state-run Kar-o Kargar on Tuesday, referring to Iranian workers’ plight. 

“Currently, no policy or movement favors low-income groups, and the workers’ purchasing power is diminishing every day. Wages do not cover the living costs because the poverty line is four times the minimum wage,” Kar-o Kargar continues. 

Karo Kargar then asks how workers could indeed affect Iran’s economic cycle when they are “threatened with livelihood problems.” 

Karo Kargar admits that Iranian workers and other low-income groups are “concerned with maintaining the family and low wages, layoffs, termination of temporary employment contracts, psychological pressures from employer-imposed immorality, factory closures, rampant inflation, terrible devaluation.” 

On Monday, the semi-official ILNA News Agency quoted Ehsan Soltan, one of the regime’s economists admitting that “The price of goods has increased at least five times. People’s purchasing power has been halved in the commodity sector.” 

“The same purchasing power of the people has decreased by 30 to 50 percent to inflation; Especially for the commodity sector because the service sector does not have that much inflation,” Soltani adds, according to ILNA News Agency. 

While Hassan Rouhani’s government and other regime officials try to blame sanctions for the Iranian people’s suffering, the state-run Bultan News on Tuesday rejected these claims. 

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“Everyone has heard Rouhani and his government saying that the country’s all problems are due to sanctions. They claim if sanctions are lifted, there will be no problem, prices will decrease, and goods become cheaper,” Bultan News wrote, adding, “But experts have said many times that The impact of sanctions on the current economic situation of the country is finally 30%.” 


Thus, in the least case, 70% of the problems that exist in various fields are related to incompetence and bad management of the country’s officials,” Bultan News adds. 

These facts and figures further show why Iranians target the regime in their slogans during their daily protests across the country. Iran’s society is a powder keg ready to explode in this “danger,” as the state-run media call it, is approaching the regime. 

“The one-dimensional view of danger should not blind our eyes to other dangers. We should not overlook the danger of discontent and revolt of the people,” Mostaghel daily wrote on Monday in this regard.