Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Iran Regime’s Senior Mullah: If We Get Along With the U.S., We Will Be Overthrown

NCRI – The Iranian regime’s Secretary of the Guardian Council emphasized: “There is no way we can get along with the U.S. If we make a deal with them, we have to abandon the foundations of our revolution.”

According to state-run TV, Ahmad Jannati added that according to Article 57 of the Constitution, the three branches are under the supervision of the Supreme Leader, and others should be under his supervision according to religious and constitutional principles. Jannati expressed these statements during the ceremony of the establishment of the Guardian Council in the former parliament building.

He then addressed the regime’s president Hassan Rouhani and said: “On this basis, the president should be subordinate to the Supreme Leader, and not the other way round, and others should follow his example.”

Regarding relationship with the United States, Jannati said: “If we want to get along with the US, there will be hundreds of expectations from us, our principles and spirituality are not accepted. There will also be fussiness about different issues including human rights abuses and the likes.”

The Secretary of Guardian Council said: “If we want to come to terms with them, are we ready to set aside the principles of our revolution, for example, to resolve the economic problems.”

While referring to Khomeini’s words, calling the regime “Islam”, Jannati added: “Some say that we have to get along with the powers, but they must know that today’s compromise means destruction to the end and the burying of Islam until the end of the world.”