Monday, October 18, 2021
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Iran: State Mullahs Being Trampled by the People

NCRI – Spokesman of the Clerical Society, Gholamreza Mesbahi Moghaddam, told state-run ILNA news agency on July 19, 2017: “The group met to review the political and social news of the day of the country, during which an attack on a cleric in the subway of Shahr Ray was investigated.”

He acknowledged the continuation of such incidents and added: “Unfortunately, the same incident has happened elsewhere on another cleric, which is unbearable.”

The commander of the Khorasan Razavi Provincial Police said: “On the evening of July 16, eight people attacked a mullah who was actively acting upon ‘promotion of virtue and prevention of vice’ on Razi Street in the city of Neishabur and injuring him with knife blows… The injured cleric is 36 years old and his name is Ahmad Nasrabadi.”

According to the police, “On Sunday night, July 16, a motorcyclist first attacked the young mullah with pepper spray and then the occupant of a Pride vehicle wound the cleric with a knife blow sending him to hospital. Nasirabadi, himself, said the number of assailants were eight.”

Mesbahi Moghaddam, while showing his horrors and his colleagues of such attacks, condemned “violent acts against the clerics in public places” and demanded appropriate action “to prevent their occurrence and dry up their roots.”

The inflammatory and explosive atmosphere of the society, which is the result of the pressure and crackdown on the population, especially the youth, by the regime, has led to an increase in the youth’s confrontation with the state mullahs.