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Monday’s Iran Mini Report – April 29, 2019

Monday's Iran Mini Report - April 29, 2019

• U.S. General Says Will Ensure Necessary Resources To Counter Iran Regime

U.S. Central Command Chief General Kenneth McKenzie said on Saturday the United States would deploy the necessary resources to counter any dangerous actions by Iran Rgime.

McKenzie said: “We’re gonna continue to reach out to our partners and friends in the region to ensure that we make common cause against the threat of Iran,”.
“I believe we’ll have the resources necessary to deter Iran from taking actions that will be dangerous,” he said, according to a transcript released by the Abu Dhabi-based channel. “We will be able to respond effectively.”

• Iranians Among The ‘Most Angry’ Nations In the World

“Did you learn or do something interesting yesterday?” was one of the questions U.S. analytics and advisory company Gallup asked more than 154,000 people in more than 145 countries to track the feelings and emotions of different nations in 2018.

For many, it came as no surprise that the people of Iran ranked fifth among the most-stressed countries in 2018, ahead of Albania, Tanzania, Philippines, and Greece, respectively.

Iran is in the grips of a serious economic crisis, with very high inflation and unemployment. The people are also under the pressure of social restrictions, with a strict dress code and lack of freedoms in general.

• Iran Regime: Leaving Nuclear Treaty One of Many Options

The Iranian Regime Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says Tehran may pull out of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty as part of retaliatory measures as the United States tightens sanctions.

“The Islamic Republic’s choices are numerous, and the country’s authorities are considering them. and leaving NPT is one of them,” Iranian state media quoted Zarif as saying on April 28.

• Iran Regime Arrests Leading Trade Union Activists Ahead Of May Day

Twelve members of the Free Workers Trade Union of Iran were arrested on Friday, April 26, just days ahead of the International Labor Day, the union reported.

The labor activists had reportedly gathered in “Jahan Nama” park in Tehran-Karaj Highway, to plan for celebrating the international Labor Day.

The twelve had assembled in the park, whn security forces stormed the place, detaining the the activists and taking them to an unknown location.

Most of the detainees were released later, but at least four others, including Misses. Parvin Mohammadi, Haleh Safarzadeh, and Valeh Zamani, as well as Alireza Saqafi, were transferred to Raja’i Shahr Prison of Karaj, west of Tehran.

• Iran provides nearly $30 million to Iraq, Syria for rebuilding shrines

It has been more than a month since the devastating floods in Iran has washed away more than half of the country’s lands and leaving the lives of more than 11 million people in two third of the country’s provinces in ruins.

While there is a desperate need for state funds to help the people and provide at least basic necessities, some state-run media reported on Saturday that the clerical regime ruling Iran has paid equal to about $30 million to Iraq and Syria under the pretext of rebuilding shrines in those two countries.

The head of one of the regime’s corrupt institution, the “Department for Rebuilding Sacred Shrines,” acknowledged the amount.