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Iran News in Brief – February 3, 2022




Broken Under Economic Hardships, Iranian Teacher Took His Life


Struggling with severe economic problems, Mustafa Ranjbaran, committed suicide and died today. Mr. Ranjbaran was the biology teacher of a school in Minab. Mohammad Habibi, a member and spokesman for the board of directors of the Tehran Teachers’ Union announced on his personal page that the motive for the suicide lay in livelihood problems.

Earlier, Gholam Abbas Yahyapour, a math teacher in the city of Gerash in Fars province, had committed suicide and lost his life due to living problems.

Another Prisoner Executed in Southeast Iran


The Iranian regime’s Judiciary executed a prisoner in Mashhad prison at dawn on Thursday, February 3. The prisoner, who has been in prison since 2019 on drug-related charges, was identified as Najibullah Gargij, son of Torakhan, from Zahedan, Southeast Iran. The execution took place without prior notice and he was not able to visit his family for the last time.


U.S. Sees Iran’s Nuclear Program as Too Advanced to Restore Key Goal of 2015 Pact


The Biden administration expects a restored nuclear deal would leave Iran capable of amassing enough nuclear fuel for a bomb in significantly less than a year, a shorter time frame than the one that underpinned the 2015 agreement, U.S. officials familiar with the matter said.

Administration officials concluded late last year that Iran’s nuclear program had advanced too far to re-create the roughly 12-month so-called breakout period of the 2015 pact, the U.S. officials said.

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Regime’s Agents Demolish Homes of Poor People in Zahedan, Southeast Iran

تخریب منازل مسکونی هموطنان ستمدیده در زاهدان توسط وحوش حکومت آخوندی

On Wednesday, February 2, municipal officials, backed by police forces destroyed the houses of Baluch citizens in Zahedan. According to local sources, the agents who have demolished homes were acting without any order by the court.

The regime agents did not even allow the deprived citizens to vacate their belongings and destroyed their houses along with their livelihood. According to the report, a Baloch citizen protesting the destruction was beaten by repressive forces.

For years, the Iranian regime has been forcing poor people living in the suburbs of various cities to leave their property under the pretext of “land looting”. Those who are unable to bribe the municipal officials, lose their homes.

Iranian Regime Continues Cyberwarfare Against MEK

IRGC-cyber-army-12122020 (2)

The seventh wave of counter-attacks by the IRGC cyber army against the official website of the Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MEK/PMOI) was completely crushed. The attack started on Wednesday night, February 2, at 9:05 PM Tehran time.

In this cyber attack, hacker crews from the Ministry of Intelligence as well as the Revolutionary Guards tried to disrupt the by downloading various pages with about 268 MB per second but failed. The eighth and strongest attack on the site with a capacity of 4.5 gigabytes per second started at midnight in Tehran and lasted for two and a half hours.

The origins of the attacks were traced back to various IPs from inside Iran, as well as dozens of other Asian and European countries, Latin America, Canada, and the United States. The last cyber attack was thwarted at 2.5:00 AM on Thursday, February 3.


Security Forces Kill 20 Year Old Who Refused to Pay the Bribe


Iranian security forces shot and killed a young man in front of his mother at the Ariashahr police station in Kermanshah.

Hengaw, a Kurdish human rights organization reported on Friday, January 28, that a 20-year-old man from Kermanshah, identified as Mohammad Ahmadi Matin, had been killed by the criminal police forces of the Ariashahr police station in Kermanshah because he refused to bribe them.

An informed source close to the family said: “On Friday, Mohammad and his mother were returning home from a funeral of one of their relatives. Stuck in the traffic at Shohada Square, security forces started harassing the family and asked for a bribe. The incident led to a verbal conflict and the police chased Mohammad’s car to Sajjadieh town, and as Mohammad still refused to pay the bribe, he was shot in front of his mother with three bullets, which hit him twice in the head and chest. He died from these injuries.

After being taken to a forensic doctor, the body of Mohammad Ahmadi Matin was finally handed over to his family on Tuesday, February 1, and was buried in the Bagh Ferdows Cemetery in Kermanshah on the same day.

Uae Says ‘Hostile’ Drones Intercepted in 4th Such Attack


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — The United Arab Emirates intercepted several drones fired at the country Wednesday, the UAE military said, the fourth such attack on the federation in recent weeks.

A little-known group that previously claimed a January 2021 attack targeting a palace in Saudi Arabia said it was responsible, an assault that authorities believe came from Iraq. That raises the possibility the Emirates now is being targeted from its north and south after three recent attacks launched by Yemen’s Iran-backed rebels.

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Environmental Impacts of Large Dams in Iran


In the past decades, Iran has become the world’s third-largest dam builder after China and Japan. The majority of the large dams in Iran have been constructed by Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) owned corporations or corporations affiliated with state-run religious foundations under the Supreme Leader’s supervision. The result of these activities has been the drying of many rivers, land subsidence, and huge sinkholes in Iran, and have caused water shortage in its neighboring countries, serious conflicts that have created additional tension in an already turbulent region, and water-related conflicts.

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Security Forces Shoot and Kill 22-Year-old Man Celebrating Birthday


A 22-year-old man was shot to death by security forces in a park on Monday night while he was celebrating his birthday with some friends in the city of Shush, southwest Iran. The man has been identified as Sajjad Ka’ibi. One of his friends, Ali Ka’b Amir has been also shot and severely injured. Sources close to the young man’s family say: “Sajjad and his friends were celebrating his birthday in a park near Ebrahimabad alley next to the municipality of Shousha. Police attacked them and shot and killed Sajjad after beating them.”

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Iran: COVID-19 Takes the Lives of More Than 502,200


The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) announced on Wednesday, February 2, 2022, that the COVID-19 death toll in 547 cities has exceeded 502,200. The number of victims in Tehran has reached 117,235, Khorasan Razavi 40,405, Isfahan 34,840, Khuzestan 30,265, Fars 19,050, West Azerbaijan 18,933, Mazandaran 18,210, East Azerbaijan 17,363, Alborz 14,628, Sistan and Baluchestan 13,855, Kerman 13,562, Central Province 9,178, Hormozgan 8,345, Kurdistan 8,267, North Khorasan 6,453, Ardabil 6,405, Qazvin 5,914, and Ilam 4,803.

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