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Iran News in Brief – June 26, 2022

Photo from 2021- People standing in queue for buying cooking oil in Hendijan, Khuzestan Province, Iran.



Iranians Rally in Stockholm, Sweden

Today, protesting the latest effort by agents of the Iranian regime in front of the Swedish parliament, Iranians, as well as supporters of the Iranian Resistance, held a rally in Stockholm. They condemned Tehran’s crackdown on Iranian protesters inside the country while calling on European countries to shut down the regime’s embassies who serve as centers of espionage and terrorism.

تجمع اشرف‌نشانها و هواداران مجاهدین خلق در اعتراض به حضور مزدوران وزارتی در سوئد- مقابل پارلمان سوئد

تجمع اشرف‌نشانها و هواداران مجاهدین خلق در اعتراض به حضور مزدوران وزارتی در سوئد- مقابل پارلمان سوئد

Regime’s Parliament Votes To Combat Cyber Vulnerabilities


Today, the Iranian regime’s parliament passed a bill that aims to prevent cyber attacks. According to the parliament’s official website, “on Sunday, July 26, the members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly passed the general plan for the foundation of a passive defense organization, by 186 votes in favor, 20 against, and 5 abstentions from a total of 230 present MPs.

The so-called Passive Defense Organization is a state institution, aiming to provide “civilian protection”. The initial plan for its foundation was first proposed in 2003 by Ali Khamenei, the regime’s Supreme Leader, with the aim of preventing or reducing the damage caused by cyber threats or other non-military attacks.

Referring to the recent cyber attack on Tehran Municipality and gas stations, MP Alireza Salimi said during his speech in the parliament: “When faced with cyber attacks, no one accepts responsibility for this issue and there is no response. Who is responsible for the nuclear, electronic, biological, cyber, and chemical threats? The failure to form a passive defense organization will lead to the expansion of the organization.”


MP Calls on Blocking the Exit of Iranian Scientists and Athletes


Sara Fallahi, a member of the regime’s parliament said today: “I’m asking the government, to do something for the armed forces. The Armed Forces are at the forefront of defending this land, and it is not acceptable for them to be unable to meet their needs due to low salaries and benefits.”

The IRGC-run Fars news agency also quoted Fallahi as saying: “Look out for the scientists and elites, especially nuclear scientists and sports elites; do not allow them to migrate to other countries due to economic issues and problems. These people are strong trees that have grown under the shadow and the capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and we should not allow them to flee the country under the pretext of economic problems and let the fruit of these trees be picked by others.”

“As a revolutionary government, you are expected to block the escape and migration and asylum-seeking of scientists and elites,” she explicitly called on the Raisi administration.


The Iranian Regime’s Failed Propaganda Campaign of “Fake Alternatives”


Former U.S. Vice President Mike Pence visited members of the Iranian opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) on Thursday, June 23, in Ashraf 3, Albania, where he delivered a landmark speech about the latest circumstances in Iran and U.S. foreign policy vis-à-vis the mullahs’ regime.

“The regime in Tehran wants to trick the world into believing that the Iranian protesters want to return to the dictatorship of the Shah as well. But we are not confused by their lies,” said Vice President Pence.

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Political Prisoner Soada Khadirzadeh Cuffed To Bed After C-section


Political prisoner Soada Khadirzadeh gave birth to her baby after two weeks of delay. She was cuffed to her bed after undergoing C-section to deliver her baby. Her family had no information about her health. Soada was kept in prison until 3 hours before delivering her baby. The delivery had been delayed by two weeks.

Soada’s legs and arms had swollen, and her baby’s health was at risk.
Finally, on Monday, June 20, 2022, at 5 am, Soada Khadirzadeh was transferred to a medical center in Urmia to deliver her baby by a C-section operation.

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Female Political Prisoners Victims of Torture in Iran


The United Nations declared June 26 the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. This day marks the moment in 1987 when the UN Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment came into effect.

In 1997, the UN General Assembly implemented the convention and declared June 26 a day of support for torture victims. On this international day, we will examine the situation of women political prisoners, who are among the most oppressed victims of torture in Iran.

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I Don’t Criticize To Remain Qualified, Iranian MP Says


In his remarks at the Majlis [Parliament] June 22 session, Mohammad Reza Sabbaghian, MP from Yazd province, revealed that he refuses to criticize the state-backed mafia, preventing the Guarding Council from disqualifying him. “I’m cautious about criticizing several institutions and apparatuses affiliated with the Supreme Leader,” he said.

“Aside from his excellency, we usually avoid criticizing [Khamenei-linked] subsidiary bodies, fearing to be disqualified. However, I’m concerned about being disqualified for telling these issues,” Sabbaghian added. “When we ignore faults, enemies extremely and crazily say in media, social media groups, websites, and networks.”

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