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Iran News in Brief – May 14, 2022

Shariati Square in Ardebil, Ardebil Province, Northwest Iran



State-run Newspaper Admits That Shutting Down Internet Will Fail to Block Access to Information


Amid the spreading of protests against the soaring prices of food staples from one province to the other, while the Iranian regime continues to slow down or completely shut down the internet in cities where tensions are running high, a state-run newspaper warns the regime’s leadership that these tactics will fail eventually.

“These days, in some provinces, the internet is either cut off or so slow that opening a video and watching it is quite annoying,” Jahan-e-Sanat newspaper wrote today. “This, however, does not prevent the spread of news and information about the situation in the country. After all, we are in the midst of the age of communication. How is it possible (to block the news) for a store that is raided in Qazvin while the footage thereof is spreading from one device to the other? How is it possible for law enforcement and security officers to be stationed in all the big squares of the capital without attracting attention? That is why even the government’s news agency could not remain silent and had to cover the news.”

More Footage from Inside Iran Indicates That Protests Continued on Saturday Night

تظاهرات مردم سورشجان در چهارمحال و بختیاری علیه گرانی - ۲۴اردیبهشت

Surshajan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province, Southwest Iran
شهرکرد - تظاهرات مردم دلیر شهرکرد علیه گرانی با شعار مرگ بر رئیسی

Shahrekord, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province, Southwest Iran – People are chanting: “Death to Raisi!”
مردم قوچان در اعتراض به گرانی به خیابانها آمدند و شعار میدادند: مرگ بر گرانی -مرگ بر رئیسی

Quchan, Khorasan Razavi Province, Northeast Iran – People protest against soaring prices of food staples and chant: “Death to Raisi!”


Nationwide Protests Reached Northeast of the Country

Today, the people and youth of Neyshabour in Khorasan Razavi province protested against the high prices of food staples.

نیشابور - اعتراض گسترده مردمی علیه گرانی با شعار رئیسی حیاکن مملکتو رها کن

Neyshabour- People are chanting: “Raisi, shame on you! Hands off the country!”

تظاهرات مردم و جوانان نیشابور نسبت به گرانی

Neyshabour- People are chanting: “Don’t be afraid, we’re all in this together!”

نیشابور -تجمع مردم  در اعتراض به گرانی با شعار؛ رئیسی حیاکن مملکتو رها کنشنبه ۲۴ اردیبهشت


Supreme Leader’s Paper Calls for Retaliation Against EU

Kayhan newspaper, whose editorial guidelines are being dictated by the Supreme Leader’s office wrote an article on May 13 that called for retaliation against European countries for the trial and imprisonment of the regime’s terrorist diplomat Asadollah Assadi in Belgium.

“Holding trial for an Iranian diplomat during his mission abroad has been and still is unprecedented in the history of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and even in the world,” Kayhan wrote. “Suffice it to compare his situation with the arrest of the former British ambassador (to Tehran) in December 2019 who was caught while inciting riots in front of Amirkabir University but was released a few hours later.”

Undermining the approach of the previous administration, Kayhan concluded: “Fortunately, by changing the course of foreign policy, our Foreign Ministry has now replaced rigid diplomacy with the previous passive diplomacy. Hence, it is necessary to consider the options available for a ruthless retaliation against several savage European governments, and the “regrettable option” must be implemented to deal with this “diplomat stealth”.


Amid Uprisings in Iran, Supreme Leader’s Rep. Warns About MEK’s Influence

During his Friday prayer sermon, Mohammad Baqer Mohammadi Laini, the Supreme Leader’s representative in Sari, northern Iran, said: “Iran’s economy needs to recover from this situation, and therefore, surgery is needed. But some initial tensions, which are fueled mostly by the enemies inside and outside the country, may cause problems. It is our duty to help this government and this plan, which is supported by all three branches and the Supreme Leader, to succeed.”

“Some rioters from outside and inside the country want to take advantage of this opportunity,” Laini added. “They want to repeat the adventures of 2009 and 2019 on the streets. The people should beware of accompanying them, rather the people should fight against these elements alongside the security forces.”

Warning that sharing the messages and footage sent from the MEK will have consequences, the Supreme Leader’s representative said: “By sharing video clips and messages, you are implicit in replication and sharing; you are ruining minds. So when you receive negative video clips on your mobile phone, or your smartphone… when you receive these negative messages from enemies and from the hypocrites (the regime’s pejorative term for the MEK), you either should stop reading them or if you do read them, you must not send them to others!”

Three More Executions Reported in Iran

The Iranian regime’s Judiciary executed three prisoners in Zahedan prison on the morning of Saturday, May 14. The three detainees were transferred to quarantine last Wednesday along with six other detainees to await their execution. The six detainees were identified as Sakhi Rigi, 30, Faramarz Shahbakhsh, 20, son of Khodadad, Bilal Azarnoush, Esmail, Mansour Brahui, and Esmail Jahan Tigh, son of Gholamreza.


Calls for Regime Change in Tehran, Iran’s Capital

As most of the people of Iran are struggling with high inflation, low income, and soaring prices of food staples and while the unrest that started in the southern Khuzestan province is spreading to other provinces, last night, loudspeakers in Tamadon Park in Tehran started airing slogans that blamed the entire regime for the economic crises and called for regime change.

Iran Protests: Widespread Protests In Izeh, Shahrekord, Doroud, Jooneghan, and Andimeshk in Protest of Skyrocketing Prices

Iran: Heavy clashes between security forces and protesters in Dorud

Several cities in Iran witnessed widespread protests against the skyrocketing increase in the price of bread and basic goods and the plundering plans of the government of Ebrahim Raisi. People in Izeh protested against Ali Khamenei (supreme leader of the mullahs’ regime) with the slogan of “Death to Khamenei”. The repressive forces opened fire on the people, injuring several people.

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Iran: Monthly Report on Freedom and Human Rights Violations – April 2022

In this report, a summary of the human rights violations in Iran over the past month, the most prominent aspects of the regime’s brutality and ruthlessness are highlighted.

According to reports, at least 255 people have been arrested under various headings throughout April.

At least 70 people have been charged with one of the following offenses: collaborating with the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK); propaganda against the regime; carrying and possessing weapons; igniting police cars, and claims of being in contact with foreign intelligence services. Several teachers and workers were also arrested before Teacher and May Day.

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From Behind Bars, Solidarity With Nationwide Protests Over Price Hikes


Simultaneous with the protests and popular uprisings in different cities against price hikes, political prisoner Maryam Akbari Monfared sent a message of solidarity from behind bars in Semnan prison with “protests and cries of the Iranian people for water and bread.”

The text of the message of political prisoner Maryam Akbari Monfared from Semnan Prison, which was published on May 13, is as follows:

For years we have been losing our lives for water and bread in a rich country like Iran! From freight carriers to fuel carriers, and now the entire nation The earth and its heavens have been and are plundered.

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