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Iran News in Brief – May 20, 2022

An alley in Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province, Northwestern Iran



MOIS Chief Doubled Down on Jalali’s Death Sentence and Accused Sweden of Hostage Taking

In a meeting with provincial prosecutors on May 18, the Iranian regime’s Minister of Intelligence Esmail Khatib said: “Ahmad Reza Jalali’s espionage for the Zionist regime has been proven and his death sentence has gone through all the judicial stages. The Swedish government, on behalf of the Zionist regime and the United States, has illegally detained our fellow countryman, Mr. Hamid Noury, in Sweden shortly after Jalali’s arrest and trial. They have taken Mr. Noury hostage.”

Khatib added: “One of the strange things was that the Swedish government granted this spy permanent residence after he was arrested in Iran. Following his trial and death sentence, they gave him Swedish citizenship, and since then they have supported him as a citizen of their country. We know that Sweden is pursuing the plan of the Zionist regime and the United States, and they have taken Hamid Noury hostage with the conspiracy and the agenda of the terrorist group of the hypocrites (Iranian regime’s name for the MEK). We will publish more information about Jalali soon.”

Trying to scare off protestors who have been taking to the streets in recent days, Khatib warned: “Principally, we will take legal action against the disturbers of the order and security of the country and the instigators and those who somehow plan for illegal gatherings, protests, and destruction.”

Most Iranians Can’t Afford to Buy Chicken Anymore, Website Reports

“Over the past week, sales of chicken and eggs have fallen by a third,” the state-run website ‘Tahlil Bazar’ wrote in a report on the removal of the government preferred currency rate by the Ebrahim Raisi’s administration. “Now people are looking for chicken liver, chicken gizzards, chicken hearts, and even chicken skin.”

The website added: “Previously people could not afford to buy chicken for 30,000 Tomans, let alone buy it for 60,000 Toman as is today. This unbridled rise in prices due to the elimination of the preferred currency rate last week still keeps many consumers in a shock, and although the price of chicken is being offered even lower than the approved price, the number of buyers has arrived at a minimum.”

According to the source, the increase in the price of eggs has also led to a significant reduction in the consumption of protein substances among the citizens, and therefore many producers believe that they will face an increase in production and a decrease in purchases during the next month.


What Recent Protests in Iran Tell Us

On January 25, 2016, the Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said if not stopped the “enemy will enter the country” and “we will have to fight and stop them here in Kermanshah, Hamedan, and other provinces!”

Of course, what Khamenei didn’t say was that the “enemy,” from his point of view, is already inside Iran and only awaiting the right opportunity to pour onto the streets, overthrow his dictatorship, and take back the country.

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183 Imprisoned Women on Death Row or Sentenced to Qisas

According to documents obtained from within the mullahs’ regime, the Iranian Resistance declared that 183 women in the regime’s prisons were on death row or sentenced to Qisas (death by retribution). Death by retribution is carried out on persons convicted of murder, regardless of their motives.

During a series of major revelations, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) has published extensive information obtained from the clerical regime’s judicial system, including the Prisons Organization.

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Security Forces Kill a Protester in SW Iran Amid Internet Shutdown

A civil from the city of Farsan in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province said on Wednesday (May 17th) that despite the heavy security measures and security forces shooting at protesters and the complete shutdown of the Internet, popular protests continue in the city.

In an interview with the state-run Emtada website, a civil activist, who has remained anonymous, stated that the popular protests in Farsan started on the evening of May 13 in the city center and within a few minutes, security forces and special units raided the gathering. They clashed with protesters.

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Iranian Man Sentenced to Public Execution in 4TH Case in 2 Months

Iran’s judiciary has sentenced a prisoner to death in public. The young man, identified as Dariush Rahimi, 32, has been sentenced to death in public for the murder of a Security Force member. This is the fourth public execution sentence in the recent two months issued by the Iranian judiciary. In March, the Tabnak state-Run Website reported that two men, also accused of killing a police officer have been sentenced to execution in public.

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Political Prisoner Barzan Mohammadi on Hunger Strike in Ilam Prison

Barzan Mohammadi, a civil activist imprisoned in Marivan Prison, has been on a hunger strike since Monday, May 16. Mr. Mohammadi was recently transferred from prison to quarantine for not attending religious services in prison. He is currently on strike to protest his transfer. Barzan Mohammadi was arrested by security forces on June 7, 2021, and transferred to the Sarvabad IRGC Intelligence Detention Center in Iran’s Kurdestan province near the Iraq border.

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Political Prisoner on Hunger Strike Against Unjust Detention

Political prisoner Vahid Bagheri has been on a hunger strike at the Greater Tehran Penitentiary. Vahid Bagheri has gone on strike to protest the authorities’ refusal to grant him conditional parole. He was taken to a prison clinic on Thursday in a wheelchair on the twelfth day of his hunger strike due to extreme weakness, and his blood pressure was 9 to 6. The medical doctors returned Vahid to the ward of political prisoners without taking any special measures.

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