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Iran News in Brief – April 23, 2021

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The Misogynous Clerical Regime’s CSW Membership Is a Disgrace

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Membership of the mullahs’ misogynous religious fascism in the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) is a step against women’s rights and human rights. The measure flagrantly contradicts the philosophy of the United Nations’ existence and allows the regime to step up the suppression and marginalization of Iranian women.

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Protests in Tehran, Isfahan, and Tabriz on Friday

On Friday, there have been several reports from Tehran, Isfahan, and Tabriz where people from various backgrounds rallied to claim their political, economic, and legal demands from the government.


Iran: COVID-19 Fatalities in 539 Cities Exceed 261,400


The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) announced on Thursday, April 22, 2021, that the Coronavirus death toll in 539 cities had exceeded 261,400. The number of victims in Tehran is 59,801, Isfahan 17,060, Khorasan Razavi 16,590, Khuzestan 15,804, Mazandaran 11,025, Lorestan 10,998, East Azerbaijan 10,718, West Azerbaijan 9,818, Gilan 9,151, Qom 9,055, Fars 7,857, Alborz 6,668, Golestan 6,655, Sistan and Baluchestan 5,946, Hamedan 5,883, Kerman 5,874, Central Province 5,433, Semnan 4,620, Kurdistan 4,557, Ardabil 3,257, Hormozgan 3,010, Qazvin 2,994, Zanjan 2,870, Ilam 2,696, and Bushehr 2,674.

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Iran: Stock Market Investor Hold Protests in Several Cities

Protests by creditors and investors in several Iranian cities - April 21, 2021
Protests by creditors and investors in several Iranian cities – April 21, 2021

On Wednesday, investors of Tehran’s stock market demonstrated in Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, and Tabriz. The creditors, who have lost their savings due to the regime’s corrupt policies, are demanding a refund of their lost investments.

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Condemn the CSW Election of the First Enemy of Iranian Women as a Member


Shamefully, the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) 65th session on Monday, April 19, 2021, elected Iran’s ruling religious fascism, the first enemy of Iranian women, as a member of the UN Commission on the Status of Women for a four-year term from 2022 until 2026.

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Tehran Is Standing On the Edge of Death


In the second week of the fourth wave of the coronavirus in Iran, the number of patients reached about 25,000 and the number of deaths reached more than 400 per day, and now in these conditions, Tehran has the highest share of prevalence, deaths, and hospitalizations. Tehran is in a super-red situation and its situation becomes more critical with every passing week.

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Iran: Girls’ Suicide Rate Increases


One of the leading causes for increased suicide rates among Iranian women and girls is forced marriage, which is an example of violence against women. The minimum legal age for marriage is 13 in Iran, but younger girls can marry based on the consent of their father and a judge, being pressured into it by their family. Being married off to men three times their age, many girls feel they have no other option but to take their own lives.

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Iran Suicides on the Rise as Millions Fall Into Poverty


Reports of daily suicides in Iran have almost become commonplace. According to a recent report carried by the state-run ROKNA News Agency, from April 15 to 16, a total of 84 people committed suicide in Tehran alone. These statistics show how fed-up Iranians are with their lives and Iran’s collapsing economy.

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Iran Parades 34 Young Men in Despicable Form of Punishment


The state security forces have paraded 34 young men in the streets to punish them for attending the Iranian fire festival which was held on March 16, the state-run IRNA news agency reported today. The public degradation was carried out in the northeastern Iranian city of Mashhad with the presence of Judge Seyed Hadi Shariatyar, Deputy of Crime Prevention of the Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office of Mashhad.

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Iran news in brief, April 23, 2021

Iran news in brief, April 23, 2021

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