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Iran News in Brief – June 18, 2021

Reports from Iran indicate protests by people from all walks of life continue across Iran, days before the regime’s sham presidential election



Iran: Coronavirus Takes Away the Lives of More Than 313,300

The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) announced on Thursday, June 17, 2021, that the Coronavirus death toll in 547 cities had exceeded 313,300. The number of victims in Tehran has reached 73,436, Isfahan 21,065, Khuzestan 19,726, Khorasan Razavi 19,050, East Azerbaijan 12,833, West Azerbaijan 11,773, Fars, 10,502, Alborz 8,938, Golestan 7,495, Kermanshah, 6,093, Hormozgan 4,290, Zanjan 3,415, and South Khorasan 2,881.

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Iran: Regime’s Concerns Escalate Over Nationwide Boycott Campaign

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On Friday, the clerical regime ruling Iran will hold its so-called elections while an absolute majority of the Iranian population are determined to boycott the farce. People are calling it a sham election, result from nothing but the regime’s internal balance of power. The popular uprisings in December 2017, January 2018, November 2019, and January 2020, in which the people chanted “Reformists, hardliners, Game Over!” have changed the circumstances for both factions in the upcoming elections.

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Regime Leaders Beg the People to Vote in Sham Elections

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In a speech on Wednesday, two days before the sham presidential elections scheduled for June 18, the regime supreme leader pleaded with the people to vote. Khamenei admitted that the “poor segments of the society are discouraged and dissatisfied and don’t want to vote in the elections.” Khamenei tried to blame the forecasted low voter turnout on the regime’s enemies but also expressed disdain at regime officials who are warning about low voter turnouts. “Some from inside the establishment are trying to dissuade the people. This is wrong. They are spreading hopelessness.”

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Iran: Ebrahim Raisi’s Role in Gas Price Hikes of November 2019

Two years after November 2019, Iran’s society has yet to forget the bloody crackdown on hundreds of thousands of protesters in around 200 cities across the country. At the time, Iranian citizens flooded onto the streets protesting gas price hikes by the government. In response, authorities used extreme lethal force, killing at least 1,500 demonstrators, injuring 8,000 citizens, and arbitrarily arrested more than 12,000 protesters and bystanders. However, these days and amid the Presidential campaigns, Judiciary Chief and the Supreme Leader’s favorite candidate Ebrahim Raisi and outgoing President Hassan Rouhani blame each other for increasing the fuel prices.

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No Justice for women under Judiciary Chief Ebrahim Raisi


With the clerical regime paving the way for Judiciary Chief Ebrahim Raisi, the preferred candidate of supreme leader Ali Khamenei, he runs virtually uncontested for president. Ali Khamenei appointed Ebrahim Raisi to head the Iranian regime’s judiciary on February 26, 2019. Raisi’s first two years as judiciary chief (2019-2021) have been marked by intensified repression and rights violations. Particularly women were subjected to harsher repression.

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Iran News in Brief, June 18, 2021

Iran news in brief, June 18, 2021

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