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Iran News in Brief – October 31, 2021

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Iranians in Diaspora Call For Ebrahim Raisi’s Persecution

As part of a global campaign, demonstrations were held in Canada and Sweden, where Iranians and supporters of the People’s Mojahedin Organization called for justice against the Iranian regime’s president, who has executed tens of thousands of innocent people who braved dissent against a brutal dictatorship.

Ottawa in Canada, Malmo and Gothenburg in Sweden

تظاهرات ایرانیان آزاده علیه رئیسی جلاد - فراخوان برای محاکمه بین‌المللی


Iran Protests on Sunday

Today, workers of the Machine Sazi manufacturing corporation in Arak went on strike in order to protest against the authorities’ refusal to increase their salaries amid skyrocketing inflation.

تجمع اعتراضی کارگران کارخانه ماشین سازی اراک

A group of retired personnel staged a rally in a number of Iranian cities, including Tehran, Rasht, Tabriz, Ahvaz, Kermanshah, Boroujerd, etc. to protest their living and legal conditions.

کرمانشاه- تجمع اعتراضی بازنشستگان

تجمع اعتراضی بازنشستگان اهواز

تجمع اعتراضی بازنشستگان تبریز

تجمع بازنشستگان تامین اجتماعی  رشت

Residents of the village of Malekabad in Arak protested against the verdict issued by the regime’s Judiciary that aims to cancel their ownership over some lands in Malekabad village and transfer them to the regime’s endowment office. Angry people in Malekabad village protested and set up fire blockades on the Arak-Qom highway.

تجمع اعتراضی مردم خشمگین روستای مالک آباد (اراک)

A group of farmers in Shush and Shushtar held a protest rally in front of the Khuzestan governor’s office to prevent the export of rice to parties outside the province.

تجمع اعتراضی کشاورزان شوش و شوشتر مقابل استانداری خوزستان


MP Walks Back Statements About Systemic Corruption in Parliament

Ruhollah Izadkhah member of the Iranian regime's parliament

Ruhollah Izadkhah, a member of the Iranian regime’s parliament walked back his previous statements about institutional corruption and systemic fraud in the Majlis. According to the Basij Reporters Club, the MP claimed he was joking when addressing the MPs’ indifference about what they are voting for.

Previously, Izadkhah had said: “Some people do not know what bill they vote for! Some MPs jokingly told me that we watch the news at night to learn what we voted for.”

Referring to different lobby groups in the parliament, he had said: “During his visit, the manager of the Social Security Investment Company told me that he was surprised that we didn’t ask them for anything. He said that previous MPs had their own demands. The representative of Saipa and Iran Khodro have two representatives that are always present in the parliament. Would they allow anyone to talk about the mafia in our car sales industry? Some MPs are having their mouths shut with 300 loans worth ten million tomans. With a few car remittances or a few foreign trips, their mouths are shut.”


Another Athlete Flees the Iranian Regime

Omid Ahmadi Safa, member of the national kickboxing team-min

Omid Ahmadi Safa, a member of the national kickboxing team who went to Italy for a tournament, has left the Iranian regime’s camp for Germany. He is the 60th athlete to seek refuge in another country in recent years.

In recent years, statistics show that about 14 Iranian athletes have migrated to Germany, 8 to the United States, and 6 to France, and the rest are scattered among other European and Asian countries. Among these, 17 athletes were female and the rest were male.


State-run Newspaper Blames the Regime and Warns Against Systemic Manipulation of Fuel Prices


The state-run Jahan-e-Sanat newspaper wrote: “News reports indicate that the disruption of the national smart fuel distribution system was not due to a cyber attack by hackers, rather it was done to gauge the public’s reaction and to prepare the society for the increase of gasoline prices. Since the breakdown of that system, only gasoline worth three thousand tomans has been sold and there was no effort made to sell gas on quotas.”

Warning against the social consequences of such a move, the daily added: “Now if the disruption of the smart fuel distrubution system is the product of the manipulation by state officials to inflict psychological shock and prepare public opinion to accept higher gasoline prices, officials are certainly making a mistake. The crisis of rising energy prices is so strong and destructive that it could pave the way for other general uprisings in society, such as rampant inflation, growing poverty, economic hardship, unemployment, and the devaluation of the national currency.”


Iran: COVID-19 Takes the Lives of at Least 467,100 Due to Mullahs’ Inhuman Policies

The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) announced on Saturday, October 30, 2021, that the Coronavirus death toll in 547 cities exceeds 467,100. The number of victims in Tehran has reached 109,485, Khorasan Razavi 38,200, Isfahan 31,815, West Azerbaijan 17,308, Fars 17,110, Alborz 13,773, Sistan and Baluchestan 13,095, Kermanshah 8,584, Central Province 8,543, Yazd 7,678, Kurdistan 7,522, Qazvin 5,329, and Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari 3,560.

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Iran: Injustice in Courts and Pervasive Corruption

To think there is a just judicial system in Iran is a delusion

The judiciary of the Iranian regime in Qom province, central Iran, sentenced the father of three children to 40 lashes and ten months in prison for stealing three packets of cashew nuts.

“Following the publication of a judge’s verdict for the thief of three packages of cashew nuts and the severe sentence of ten months imprisonment and 40 lashes, the Fars news agency reporter followed up the case with relevant officials, realizing that report was true and not fake news,” according to report wired on October 25 by the Fars news agency, an outlet linked to the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC).

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Iran Takes Security Measures To Prevent Iranians From Commemorating Cyrus the Great

The seventh day of Aban in the Persian calendar, around October 29th, marks the Day of Cyrus the Great, an unofficial holiday celebrated among Iranians, to commemorate the founder of the ancient Achaemenid Persian Empire.

Every year, the Iranian regime deploys security forces around the Tomb of Cyrus, blocking roads and streets to prevent Iranians from gathering to celebrate this day, fearing it would turn into anti-government protests. Yesterday, there were reports of severe security measures taken in Shiraz, and the roads leading to Pasargad, the location of Cyrus’s tomb.

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Velayat-e Faqih: A ‘Cancer’ in Iran


“The government has run out of money. There is no money so that we could say that the money we want to spend, should be spent in such a way.”

These words are part of a speech by Mohsen Zanganeh, a member of Iran’s budget commission, in an interview with state television about the country’s situation expressed on October 27, 2021. He did not oblige himself to speak about the reason and the roots of such a situation but said the country and its people are on the verge of their ‘maximum endurance.’

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