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Conference on November 2019 Iran Protests Once Again Shows Nation’s Desire for Freedom

The NCRI held a trans-Atlantic online summit on November 10, on the eve of the first anniversary of the major Iran protests in November 2019, echoing people's desire for reigme change.
Mrs. Rajavi at NCRI’s recent conference in Ashraf 3, Albania.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) held a trans-Atlantic online summit on November 10, on the eve of the first anniversary of the major Iran protests in November 2019. The conference once again echoed the Iranian people’s desire for regime change.  

This event,Honoring the Uprising and Imperative of Holding Iranian Rulers Accountable for Crimes Against Humanity,” was attended by dozens of prominent political figures and representatives of 300 Iranian communities from over 2400 locations around the world. 

The keynote speaker of this event was the NCRI’s president-elect, Mrs. Maryam Rajaviwho addressed the audience from Ashraf 3, Albania, a compound belonging to the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran 

This conference and its speakers amplified several facts about the November 2019 uprising and highlighted how its essence of regime change has amplified within the last year.  

The major Iran protests erupted in November 2019 following a gas price-hike but quickly turned political. People attacked the regime’s centers of oppression and called for regime change. The November uprising rattled the regime’s foundations and changed the political situation in Iran and the regard for Iran in the international community.  

The November uprising showed the entire world that the mullahs’ regime has no place and base inside Iran. The Iranian people, by sacrificing over 1500 of their children, sealed their demand for regime change.  

The protests in November 2019 were mostly in rural areas and impoverished zones. Thus, this uprising debunked claims by the regimes apologists that the mullahs enjoy the support of the poor people.


The Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, ordered the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and the State Security Forces (SSF) to do “whatever they can” to prevent people from toppling the regime.  

Had the IRGC and SSF not killed over 1500 protesters, arrested 12,000, and injured 4,000, the November uprising would have resulted in the regime’s downfall.  In other words, the Iranian regime is still in power, not because of its religious deception or “anti-arrogance” propaganda, but due to severe oppression.  

Martyrs of the Iran protests – November 2019

The protestors organization and the fact that they only targeted the regime’s centers of repression, not ordinary people’s houses, are testaments to the fact that the November uprising was not a blind and sudden rebellionThe November uprising was a clear example of the Iranian people’s struggle for freedom. This uprising portrayed the Iranian people’s determination for regime change 

The November uprising also showed the leading role of the MEK’s “Resistance Units” and confirmed that the only correct strategy vis-à-vis this regime is to topple it and pay the price for it. 

Although the regime oppressed the November protesters, the subsequent uprising which erupted in January 2020, when the regime downed a Ukrainian passenger jet, confirmed that the November uprising was like a fire under the ashes and would not be eliminated.  

During the recent conference, over 300 representatives of the Iranian communities in the world and particularly young Iranians commemorated the martyrs of the Iran protests and vowed to continue their path. Their pledge reflects the Iranian youths’ determination to struggle for freedom at any cost and is in line with the Resistance Units activities inside Iran.  

Now, as the Iranian people yearn for freedom and democracy and show they are ready to pay the price for it, it is imperative for the international community to support their desire. All the renowned politicians at the NCRI’s conference on November 10 urged the international community to support the Iranian people’s right to resistance and overthrowing the mullahs’ regime.  

They also called upon the international community to hold the regime to account for killing 1500 peaceful protesters and continuing to mistreat and executed arrested protesters.