Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Iran:  TMU (Professor Training) University students and the workers of “Saiber Birgan” company sit in


NCRI – According to the reports from Iran, the students of TMU university have attempted a sit-in for the third time. The students gathered on Wednesday September 7 to protest cancellation of the so called “Educational Years Law”.

The protesting students had some placards in hand saying: “University president! The key is in your hands”, “We are the premier university meanwhile the most miserable one”, “Lamp is not willing to be off” and “our protest is merely related to our educational problems”.

One of the protesting students says: “currently according to the new Educational Years Law, Masters and PHD students should pay for their food and accommodation after fifth and ninth semester, respectively. That means that the students will have to pay for what is supposed to be free education.”

Also the workers of Saiber Birgan company in Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari province (located in central Iran) gathered in front of the government building to protest against being unpaid over the past year.

One of the protesting workers points out that due to not being paid the workers are not even able to pay for their daily necessities. He adds: “the workers can’t even pay for their commute to work”.

Another protesting worker says: “most of the workers are married and have kids. The schools are about to reopen and our kids need clothes, shoes and stationary to go to school, meanwhile we’re not getting paid”.