Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Iran: Vendors Clash With Special Unit Agents

NCRI – On the eve of new Persian year, vendors selling clothing, bags, shoes, and home appliances in Hamedan (Central Iran) clashed with law enforcement Special Unit agents.

According to reports, the vendors first clashed with Hamedan’s municipal agents who were trying to collect their wares from the sidewalks on Hamedan’s Buali street. Faced with vendors’ resistance and protests, the law enforcement Special Unit agents subsequently arrived at the scene, trying to suppress these working people by firing shots in the air and tear gas.

Regime’s municipality in Hamedan has ordained that the vendors should start working only after 22 pm. Protesting the decision, the vendors kept spreading their wares throughout the day, a move which led to clashes. Being supported by people, the vendors kept resisting and refused to wrap up their wares and leave Buali street, despite being suppressed by the Special Unit agents.

The latest reports in this regard say that the vendors have again spread their wares following the clashes.