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Pompeo: U.S. Stands With Iran’s People; The Regime Has Possibly Killed More Than 1,000 Protesters

Pompeo: U.S. Stands With Iran’s People; The Regime Has Possibly Killed More Than 1,000 Protesters

The United States on Thursday blacklisted two notorious Iranian ‘judges’ who have handed extremely harsh sentences to Iranian dissidents, and it stands with the brave people who have taken part in the recent nationwide Iran protests, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said.

At the State Department on December 19, 2019, Secretary Pompeo said: “The United States will stand and has stood under President Trump with the Iranian people. Our public support, our moral support is important.  Our calls for justice matter.” 

“The protest that started and accelerated in November clearly signaled that the Iranian people have just had enough.  They’re fed up. They’re fed up with the regime’s economic failures. They’re fed up with the kleptocrats. And they’re fed up with a regime that denies them basic fundamental human dignity that comes from each of us as a nature of our humanness,” Secretary Pompeo said. 

“Think of the thousands – you all know them – think of the thousands of Iranians executed in prison following protests in 1988, the students that were slaughtered in the protests in 1999.” 

“And then think of the protest in 2009.”   

“It’s the same story today.” 

“The regime has killed hundreds and hundreds of protesters since mid-November, possibly more than 1,000.” 

“The regime cut off the internet, a basic communication tool, to try and stop the world to see the horrors that were taking place inside of their country.” 

Secretary Pompeo said he has re-designated Iran as a Country of Particular Concern under the International Religious Freedom Act. 

“The world should know Iran is among the worst violators of basic fundamental religious freedoms,” he said. 

“Second, today the United States Department of Treasury will sanction two Iranian judges: Mohammad Moghisseh, and Abolghassem Salavati.”  

Secretary Pompeo described Salavati as a “tool of the regime’s oppression, not an impartial friend of justice.”   

“Third, under the Immigration and Nationality Act, we are restricting visas for current or former Iranian officials and individuals responsible for or complicit in the abuse, detention, or killing of peaceful protesters, or for inhibiting their rights to freedom of expression or assembly.” 

“Our action will also restrict visas for these individuals’ family members.  The materials that are being provided to us by citizens from all across Iran will be invaluable in us using this new authority to put true pressure and to hold accountable those who are denying freedom and justice to the people of Iran.” 

“Thugs killing people’s children will not be allowed to send their own children to study in the United States of America.” 

“But no matter what, I tell the Iranian people what I have said for many months and I will continue to say so long as it is required to be said: America hears you. America supports you. America stands with you,” he added.