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Protests in Tabriz Madani University Against the ’80s Massacres

NCRI – A meeting was held at Tabriz Madani University on Saturday February 25, in which a student condemned the ‘80s executions and demanded that the perpetrators and those responsible be put to trial.

The student’s speech was given at the same time Sadegh Ziba Kalam, of Rafsanjani’s band, was also attending the university.

“Professor, we’re going to criticize Mr. Rafsanjani and others in all fairness”, said the student, “I’m not going to judge the 1988 massacre or the executions shortly after the revolution, I’m not pointing my finger towards Mr. Hashemi, saying that he’s been the one who committed the murders and crimes. No. But there’s a historical reality, that the crimes were carried out unjustly and oppressively. The judicial procedure was not followed for the 1988 executions.”

Attributing the ‘80s massacres to regime’s leaders and all those who were in charge at the time, the student maintained that regarding such crimes, people like Rafsanjani, Khamenei, Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Khatami are responsible, even if they just decided to remain silent, and they should be held accountable before the law and the nation.

The student’s remarks on the 1988 massacre was accompanied by applause and cheers of other students.