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NCRI-US Reveals New Details About Iran Protests

The NCRI-US office news conference on Iran Protests-November 26, 2019

In a : Number of killed surpasses 450-List of 154 victims from 36 cities identified

— NCRI-FAC (@iran_policy) pic.twitter.com/eHjdCKooY7

— NCRI-U.S. Rep Office (@NCRIUS) November 26, 2019

Jafarzadeh concluded that a strategy of “Resistance units and rebellious cities” announced by the Resistance’s leader several years before the 2017 uprising has proven its efficacy and legitimacy. The protests have demonstrated not only the desire of the Iranian people for change but also a strong manifestation that the firm US policy on Iran, including the imposition of sanctions, has not rallied people behind the regime. The protests show that people’s anger is directed at the regime as solely responsible for their suffering.

The NCRI urged investigative missions to be sent to Iran to evaluate the scope of the crimes and examine the cases of those killed, wounded and/or detained.