Thursday, December 9, 2021
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Czech MEP Jan Zahradil in support of July 9th rally in Paris

NCRI – Support for the July 9th rally in Paris has come from a myriad of MPs and political figures, who support a free and just Iran. Jan Zahradil, an outspoken Czech Member of the European Parliament, who has taken up various causes of social justice has sent his support to those attending the July 9th rally in Paris, and all those who seek to see a free Iran. 

From his video Zahradil sides with the plight of the many Iranians who have been faced with a cruel and unresponsive regime, which only seeks out its own interests.

Zahradil stated that “we can see that the society in Iran is moving [forward], however the regime stays unchanged, and its nature remains unchanged”.

The injustices of the regime have been arbitrary and cruel, often without proper reasoning or sentencing, and accordingly many foreign dignitaries such as Jan Zahradil have taken note of it.

Mr. Zahradil has witnessed the latter atrocities undertaken by the regime and strongly opposes such abuse of power, rather he stated that “there shouldn’t be any concession to the regime, until it shows signs of improvement, respect for human rights, tolerance within the society and tolerance to the opposition party”.

Moreover, Mr. Zahradil’s advocacy in the European Parliament against human rights violations and repressive regimes has garnered him much support from his fellow MEPs, many of who are also in support of the July 9th demonstration in Paris.

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