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Euro MPs condemn Iran regime’s terrorism in Iraq

NCRI – Pursuant to bombing of a passenger bus carrying Iraqi workers to Ashraf City, home to thousands of PMOI members in Iraq, the Friends of a Free Iran, a European Parliamentary group, issued the following statement:

Friends of a Free Iran urges European authorities to press Iranian regime to stop promoting terrorist attacks in Iraq.

This morning, 29 May 2006, a bus transporting Iraqi workers from Al Khalis to the nearby "Ashraf city", home to Iranian opposition movement, People’s Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI), was targeted by road side explosive device killing 13 workers and wounding 15 others.

This terrorist attack comes in the wake of several threats made by the Iranian regime on the Iraqi authorities regarding the presence of the PMOI in Iraq and has all the characteristics of the recurrent terrorist attacks masterminded by the Iranian regime in Iraq. It was carried out just one day after the Iranian Foreign Minister had visited Iraq.

"Friends of a Free Iran" expresses its condolences to the Iraqi authorities, the PMOI and, in particular to the Al Khalis population and the families of the victims of yet another attack of the fanatic regime.

"Friends of a Free Iran" urge the European authorities to press the Iranian regime to step down its policy of promoting terrorism in Iraq. We also call on the Iraqi Government to grant political asylum to the PMOI members in Ashraf who have currently the status of Protected Persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Paulo Casaca
Co-Chair, Friends of a Free Iran
European Parliament