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Iran Regime Holds 300 Exhibitions Against MEK


NCRI – Desperate moves to counter the rising popularity of MEK by Iranian regime.

Following a recently published report by The Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence, regarding the power and progress of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI or MEK), in which regime’s officials have fearfully admitted the youth’s tendency and attraction toward Mojahedin (MEK) as well as the high status of Mojahedin at home and at the international level, Hashemi Nejad the director general of a state – Funded ‘Habilian’ foundation stated:

“We have held 300 exhibitions against MEK in Iran up to now,” and added “These days, MEK is getting recognized as a leading institute in Human Rights,” our duty is to discuss Human Rights issues against MEK since Iranian youths are the target of MEK.

The aforementioned report against MEK, which according to the Intelligence Ministry officials is a detailed research with more than 8,000 words, has recently been published in the Habilian website affiliated to the Ministry.

The report emphasizes that, “The Mojahedin Organization (MEK) is after… regime change and removal of the Velayat-e faqih regime in Iran….”

Regarding the patriotic and national (people-oriented) role of Mojahedin in exposing the Iranian regime’s secret projects to obtain nuclear weapons, the report says: “Following exposure of the issue (nuclear weapons program), the media published reports in this regard and this was the beginning of a major crisis that resulted in the adoption of several resolutions and sanctions with the devastating effects which are still continuing.”

The Intelligence Ministry in its report reminded the role of Mojahedin in the 2009 uprising and explicitly admitted its fear of the uprisings and revolts being tied to the nationwide resistance and the Mojahedin and wrote: “Mojahedin (MEK)… were still looking for an opportunity to strike the Islamic Republic of Iran, until the beginning of 2009 elections followed by the street riots, the group seized the opportunity and issued statements and messages to prepare the ground for achieving their goals… One of the goals (of the MEK) in 2009 election was to « remove Velayat-e faqih and change the regime ».”

The report also pointed out Mojahedin’s advancement in the international arena and wrote: “…In addition, members of the (MEK) organization hold meetings in France from time to time… In the recent years, the Mojahedin organization has held campaign and meetings in every international events and communities, including the United Nations, against the country and the system.”

The Intelligence Ministry concluded the report by describing the most important methods to confront the MEK and wrote: “Introducing and fully identifying the (MEK) organization (i.e. meaning distorting the image of the organization)… to prevent, in this way, people and new members from joining the organization which would lead to increased damage to the system.”

“Strengthening the borders and increasing the country’s defense power: By this action, we can prevent entry of the MEK members into the country… and so we will be able to avert and ward off the enemies of the system (regime) outside the borders,” the report added.

Now, the question is why such confessions by the Intelligence Ministry? Don’t these confessions show the power and social as well as popular status of the MEK and that Mojahedin are widely welcomed by the Iranian youths?

The truth is that after the regime was unable to destroy the MEK by inhumane siege and missile attacks and Mojahedin were able to maintain the integrity of their organization and transfer themselves to a safe place, the regime is frightened now. That is why the mullahs regularly yowl and whimper about the danger of Mojahedin.

Last month, in another so-called detailed research published in Habilian site, the Intelligence Ministry emphasized that intellectual (thought) danger of unarmed Mojahedin is much more than the threat of armed Mojahedin.

A while ago, Mohammad Javad Hashemi Nejad, the secretary general of the so-called Habilian Institution which is a branch of the Intelligence Ministry, had warned about the danger of the MEK revelations and said: “Mojahedin in the areas of human rights and related issues are present in the European Parliament and in the U.S. and any places where there is opposition to the system (regime)… Mojahedin are a dangerous force…,” (Hashemi Nejad’s interview with Vatan Emrouz, September 4, 2016).

This fear and sense of danger is particularly due to the fact that the power and cohesion of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran has coincided on the one hand with the weakness and ultimate decay of the Velayat-e faqih regime and the crises engulfing the regime, and on the other hand by the fact that Iran’s society is on the verge of explosion and ready for uprising and revolution and is only waiting for a spark.