Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Deputy Quds Force Commander brags about export of terrorism & fundamentalism


The ‘Islamic Revolution of Iran’ is daily advancing in the lands that have been under the domination of ‘arrogance’, Deputy Commander of the terrorist Quds Force of the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guard says.

Brigadier General Ghaani said the ‘Islamic Revolution of Iran’ is not limited to geographic boundaries and it is growing in the whole Islamic world.

Many countries in the Middle East have condemned the Iranian regime’s interference in their internal affairs and export of terrorism and fundamentalism to their countries.

Ghaani’s remarks follows similar statements made by the representative of the Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader in Quds Force bragging about the ‘export of revolution’ to Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

The high ranking cleric was quoted on January 24 by an IRGC affiliated website as saying: “Many years ago Hezbollah was established in Lebanon, and the same was done in Iraq and Syria.”

Cleric Ali Shirazi said: “Today we are witnessing the formation of Ansar Allah in Yemen. And in the future all these groups will enter the field of fighting all enemies of Islam and Muslims.”

Ansar Allah is often is referred to as the military wing of the Houthi rebels.