Friday, February 3, 2023
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Syria’s White Helmets say Assad must be prosecuted for “war crimes”


NCRI – A Syrian aid volunteers group has accused Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad of deliberately targeting rescuers and aid centers, with the backing of the Iranian regime, in intense fighting in the city of Aleppo.

The Syrian Civil Defence group – known as the White Helmets – strives to save the lives of innocent people in Syria who fall victim to attacks on residential areas by Assad’s regime.

As Assad’s forces carry out aerial attacks on civilian areas across Syria, the volunteer White Helmets risk their lives to rush to the aid of men, women and children buried under the rubble and to give safe refuge to the victims of the brutal assaults. To date, they have managed to pull some 41,000 people out of the rubble.

In recent weeks as fighting has intensified in Aleppo, the White Helmets have found it increasingly difficult to operate and have themselves fallen victim to Assad’s bombardments.

In a press conference on Sunday the local Aleppo Free Council and representatives of the White Helmets force gave a harrowing account of the recent crimes of the Assad regime and called for the persecution of the perpetrators of “war crimes” in Aleppo.

Lawyer Ibrahim Hilal, head of the White Helmets in the province, in an interview with the Iranian opposition satellite channel Simaye-Azadi described some of the recent crimes carried out by the forces of the Syrian and Iranian regimes in Aleppo.

“We would like to draw international attention to the crimes of the Syrian and Iranian regimes and Russia,” Mr. Hilal said.

“Their warplanes have carried out over 320 aerial attacks on Aleppo. Additionally they have used 65 barrel bombs and fired 110 artillery rounds and 17 surface-to-surface missiles on Aleppo.”

“The number of martyrs has reached 206 people, and at least 523 people have been injured.”

“The warplanes mainly target critical and civil infrastructure, hospitals, rescue teams, schools and mosques.”

“We have urged international organizations and the world community to uphold their responsibilities and force the regime to stop its crimes against the people of Syria.”

“There is a systematic international silence in the face of the crimes of the Syrian and Iranian regimes and Russia.”

“Aleppo is right now in a very perilous situation because the warplanes are not leaving the skies. They are attacking the frontlines, and Aleppo is under siege.”

He added that since the recent spike in violence in Aleppo the White Helmets had carried out at least 330 rescue operations.

He pointed out that in recent days Syrian jets had destroyed one of the White Helmets’ centers in Aleppo, killing five volunteers and injuring numerous others.