Saturday, June 3, 2023
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EDITORIAL: False G7 Hopes on Iran – What’s Next?


Following the G7 summit in France, much hope was expressed in the media about the possibility of new U.S.-Iran negotiations, and that the regime’s president Hassan Rouhani may meet with U.S. President Donald Trump in the coming weeks.

But recent events have shown that this seems to be a carefully crafted plan by Iran’s regime to deceive the West and escape strong condemnation by the G7 — which it succeeded in — and nothing more.

Last Monday, August 26, Rouhani made remarks to the effect that he is willing to negotiate with and even meet anyone if that could help his “country’s development and resolve the problems of the people.” Those words were used during the Trump-Macron press conference three times as the possibility for such a meeting.

Once the G7 was over with no strong words against the regime, Rouhani went back to the regime’s default position. “We seek to resolve the issues and solve the problems in a reasonable way. But we don’t seek photos,” Rouhani said in a televised speech Tuesday. “If you lifted all the sanctions, bowed respectfully to the Iranian nation, well then the conditions would be different.”

Tehran’s strategy is to drag the issue on and buy time so that the regime could survive the Trump Administration. The regime has neither the capability nor the willingness to change its behaviour, i.e., abandon its nuclear weapons program, end state-sponsored terrorism, halt destabilizing regional behaviour, and respect human rights at home.

Today, the mirage of reaching a negotiated solution with the mullahs seems even farther away.

The regime’s strategy is also focused on hiding its utter weakness internally and the corruption crisis it is facing back home as dissent continues across the country and the MEK‘s Resistance Units gain momentum.

The best policy would be maintaining, and even increasing pressure on the regime and providing the mullahs no breathing room while Iran’s people seek to settle scores with the ruling clerics.