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Justifying crime against humanity, escaping from legal and international consequences, preparing for more killings

Camp Ashraf  military occupation – NO.85

While the hatred and abhorrence of the Iraqi people and international community regarding Maliki’s attack on Ashraf is continuously growing, on Sunday April 24th, one of Maliki’s advisors by the name of Yassin Majid came to the scene to both justify the brutal April 8th atrocity and prepare the ground for future suppressive measures.

This agent, who is also part of Maliki’s so-called ‘State of Law’ coalition, said: “Seventy members of the PMOI stationed in Ashraf are under court pursuit …. There is no other option for this organization other than leaving Iraq’s soil as soon as possible, and members of this organization have not been granted asylum.”

Yassin Majid, Maliki himself and his accomplices must be told that through instigating crisis, fabricating documents and misusing the judiciary they cannot cover their crime against humanity and escape from its legal and international consequences. It is Maliki’s criminal gang that must be tried in the court, since in addition to the blood of the Iraqi people, the blood of 46 PMOI members and over 1000 injured in the murderous attacks of July 2009 and April 2011 and other savage attacks are stained on their hands. They are responsible for the psychological torture of Ashraf residents and the murder and suffering of the patients and injured for hindering their treatments, all of whom are protected refugees under the 4th Geneva Convention.

Contrary to the lies of Majid Yassin, not only the Ashraf residents are liable to many international conventions, but also, as many Iraqi nationalist leaders such as Dr. Ayad Allawi and Dr. Tariq al-Hashemi have reiterated, they are political refugees protected by the 4th Geneva Convention, and crime committed against them is considered crime against the international community, in addition to being crime against humanity and war crime.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 25, 2011