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Iran News in Brief – December 22, 2021




State-affiliated Economist: Iran’s People Consume Very Little Meat

Farshad Momeni, one of the Iranian regime’s economists acknowledged on Wednesday, that the average annual meat consumption in Iran is around 6-7kg.

“During the worst years of the [1980s Iran-Iraq] war, a family’s annual consumption of red meat was 122kg. Currently, it’s only 6-7kg,” he said.

Round-up of Iran protests on Wednesday

According to the Iranian opposition, Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) there have been a number of protests in different Iranian cities.

Workers of the Central Iron Ore Company in Bafq, central Iran, held a rally on Wednesday, protesting the sudden removal of the company’s director-general and launching a strike demanding this measure be reversed.

On Wednesday, stockholders in Tehran rallied outside the regime’s Majlis, demanding answers to their long-raised issues. It is worth noting that many Iranians lost their life savings when Iran’s stock market’s bubble growth burst. The Iranian regime’s top officials, including Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, had encouraged people to invest in Tehran’s Stock Market.


Iran: Regime Official Encourages Marriage of Minors

Mehdi Mottaghifar, head of the Youth Social Planning and Development Office in the Iranian regime’s  Ministry of Sports and Youth, encouraged the marriage of minors. “High school girls can get married,” he said recently. Child brides are deprived of education and face many risks. 



Global Union Federation of Teachers Urges Iran to Halt ongoing violations of educators’ rights


In a press release on December 21, Education International, the Global Union Federation that brings together organizations of teachers and other education employees from across the world, urged the Iranian regime to halt the ongoing violations of educators’ rights.

“Education International and its member organisations urge the government of Iran to allow teachers to exercise their right to request fair pay and the release of jailed colleagues without fearing violence or arbitrary arrest. The call follows the arrest of a teacher trade union leader and the ongoing detention of others,” the statement reads.

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Iran: Regime Forces Attack Balochis in Shirabad Wounding Defiant Residents, Demolishing Homes


At dawn on Monday, December 20, 2021, the State Security Force (SSF), along with municipal and the Housing and Urban Development Organization agents, demolished a number of homes of Baluch compatriots in the Shirabad area of Zahedan. The deprived residents and the youth resisted the actions.

The SSF fired tear gas into the people’s homes and opened fire at the defenseless residents, wounding several of them. It then destroyed the houses at the end of Pirbakhsh street using several loaders.

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Majlis Speaker: Iran’s Economy Is Bankrupt

Members of Iranian parliament objecting Bagher Ghalibaf the spokesman

Iran’s economy is bankrupt and the government isn’t doing anything about it, Majlis (parliament) speaker Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf admitted recently in a meeting with the members of the Majlis Research Center. The remarks are significant because they are coming from an official who has served different key posts in the past decade, and they go against the regime’s constant claims that Iran’s economy is flourishing.

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Iran: Coronavirus Fatalities Exceed 490,800

MicrosoftTeams-image-52-1-696x397The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) announced on Tuesday, December 21, 2021, that the COVID-19 death toll in 547 cities has exceeded 490,800. In Tehran, the number of victims has reached 114,890, Isfahan 33,815, West Azerbaijan 18,488, Fars 18,470, Gilan 17,045, Golestan 10,695, Kermanshah 9,159, Sistan and Baluchestan 13,575, Semnan 6,480, North Khorasan 6,268, Bushehr 5,469, South Khorasan 4,316, and Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari 3,790.

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