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Iran News in Brief – June 22, 2022




State-run Newspaper Acknowledged Systemic Misery Among Working Children in Iran

The state-run Arman-e-Melli newspaper wrote on June 19: “Research by the Ministry of Health shows that in Iran, cases of malnutrition can be observed in provinces such as Sistan and Baluchestan, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, Ilam, Hormozgan, Khuzestan, Kerman, Bushehr, and South Khorasan.”

“Among them, as some studies show, about 80% of working children suffer from growth problems, 86% suffer from weight loss, 77% suffer from oral diseases, 73% suffer from eye diseases, 61% suffer from respiratory diseases, 64% have heart diseases, 60% have ENT problems (ear, nose, and throat), 82% have skin diseases and 60% have gastrointestinal diseases.”

“In the last decade, many laws and regulations have been executed to organize working and garbage collecting children to solve their educational and nutritional problems, but many of these have been ineffective or have not been put in practice at all and have only been on paper,” the daily admitted.

MPs Continue to Express Concerns about the Status Quo

Even though the Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader’s statements were made public yesterday, warning that projecting and highlighting the state’s weaknesses is serving the enemy, the explosive society is still forcing members of the regime’s parliament to express unprecedented views. The public session of the parliament today, was no exception.

Mohammad Reza Sabbaghian Bafghi, a member of the Iranian regime's parliamentMohammad Reza Sabbaghian, a member of the regime’s parliament, said today: “One of the problems that is common among state officials, is the lack of criticism. We are wary of some institutions and agencies, especially those under the Supreme Leader. Dreadful of being disqualified, we often do not raise criticism. Right now that I’m speaking, I am afraid of disqualification. I may not be disqualified after all, but there is this fear. It shouldn’t be like this. If we fail to raise criticism, the enemies will raise them in an extreme and crazy way in the media, in groups, websites, and other networks.”

“The bureaucracy in this country is slow, tired, fat, and complex. It is filled with corruption and rent-seeking,” MP Ali Asghar Anabestani warned. “The bureaucratic system is suffocating the country, and if you do not immediately want to change this system, it will swallow all the resources of the country and bring the system to complete bankruptcy.”

Meanwhile, Gholam-Ali Jafarzadeh, a former official exposed the reason why some MPs sound the alarm and explained that it is too late to play the public’s advocate.

Jafarzadeh told the state-run Baharnews Online on June 19: “In recent days, some members of parliament complain about the protests and insults that people are expressing against them in the constituency. This situation is the result of their own actions. Those representatives who say that “each individual’s subsidy should be worth 600 thousand tomans, should have stated this when the budget bill was being discussed. Now it is useless to say these things.”


Why Are Iranian Pensioners Protesting Across the Country?

Unbridled inflation, high unemployment, and economic uncertainties that are all attributed to the Iranian regime, and suppression has forced the Iranian people, including Iranian pensioners to bring their anger to the streets of Tehran and other cities across the country.

Iranian pensioners took to the streets on Sunday, June 18, for the 13th consecutive day of rallies and gatherings against the regime’s corruption, destructive policies, and refusal to address their outstanding demands over a long list of economic woes, including low wages and pensions, insurance issues, and poor living conditions.

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Glimpse of Iran’s Slaughtered Human Rights in the UN Secretary-General’s Report

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres (1)

The human rights situation in Iran does not comply with any of the standards set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law. While referring its criminal and inhuman laws to the principles of Islam the Iranian regime, allows itself to commit any kind of human rights violations.

Now it has become clear that the regime’s brutal laws have nothing to do with God and the Quran. The rulings cited by the mullahs are outdated legal and criminal laws related to the pre-Islamic and the medieval era. It is related to the time in which violent sentences such as stoning, beheading, throwing from a mountain, and amputation of limbs were used on a macro-scale and all over the world, regardless of the religious dependency.

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120 Persons Arrested for Dancing in the Jungle

The Moral Security Police arrested 120 persons on a site-seeing tour in the jungles of northern Iran. The Justice Department of Mazandaran Province filed legal cases for the 120 persons arrested. (The state-run – June 29, 2022)

Mullah Mohammad Sadeq Akbari, Director General of the Justice Department of Mazandaran, confirmed the arrest of 120 persons. He said dancing and removing one’s veil is a crime.

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Iran Executes Kurd Political Prisoner Firuz Mosalu

Iranian regime executed a Kurd political prisoner Firuz Mosalu on Monday in Urmia Prison, northwest Iran.

The Revolutionary Court of Urmia had previously sentenced him to death on the charges of “enmity with God” for “membership” in a dissident Kurdish organization.

Reports say he was denied due process and the right to a court of review. The Kurd political prisoner was transferred from the general ward of Urmia Prison to an unknown location on Saturday.

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Freedom-Loving Iranians, MEK Supporters Rallies in Denmark, Sweden, and Australia Against the Mullahs’ Regime – June 18, 2022

MEK Supporters Rallies in Denmark, Sweden, and Australia Against the Mullahs’ Regime–June 18, 2022

June 18, 2022: Freedom-Loving Iranians and supporters of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) rallied in Denmark, Sweden, and Australia against the mullahs’ regime. The rallies took place in Aarhus, Malmö, and Sydney.

Iranian resistance supporters announced their solidarity with the Iran protests and expressed their support for the MEK Resistance Units inside the country.

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