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Iran News in Brief – February 5, 2023

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Iran Uprising at a Glance – Day 143

Based partially on reporting by PMOI (MEK) Network in Iran

Sunday, February 5, 2023 – 8 PM GMT + 1

  • Days: 143
  • Protests: 282 cities
  • Fatalities: 750+ estimated deaths, 647 identified by MEK
  • Detentions: 30,000

Iran’s nationwide uprising marked its 143rd day on Sunday.

MEK-affiliated Resistance Units torched pro-regime propaganda posters in the capital, Tehran, and in Sanandaj, western Iran, they used Molotov cocktails to target the regime’s Islamic Development Organization branch.

In Karaj, west of Tehran, protesters torched a poster of mullahs’ Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and regime founder Ruhollah Khomeini. And in Mashhad, northeast, Yazd, central, Islamabad-e Gharb, west, and Ardabil, northwest Iran, protesters torched pro-regime propaganda posters and billboards across the city.

In Qom, central Iran locals wrote Graffiti to send a message to the ruling regime: “You executed for us to be terrified?” “Let’s fight to the end!”

Students of Tarbiat Modares University in Tehran held a gathering in support of Farhad Meysami, a prisoner on hunger strike, and protesting prison/execution sentences issued by the regime’s so-called judiciary.

In the city of Abdanan in Ilam Province in western Iran, people took to the streets today, especially the families of recently detained protesters, demanding the release of their loved ones. At least 17 locals have been arrested during nightly raids conducted by the regime security forces. The regime’s security forces at the scene attached several protesters, even the elderly.

In Isfahan, farmers continued their protests over the drying of the local Zayandehrud River which has left their lands and crops devastated. Reports indicate the protesting farmers are heading to Tehran to hold their gatherings in the country’s capital.

On Sunday morning, contract workers of green areas of East Azerbaijan Province rallied in Tabriz and protested constant power outages due to the regime’s incompetence and corrupt policies.

In Ahvaz, the capital of Khuzestan Province in southwest Iran, workers of the Kavian Steel Company went on strike on Sunday demanding official working contracts and better pay. Company officials have been neglecting their requests for at least 18 months now.

In Khoy, northwest Iran, a number of youths from Tabriz, launched a camp of tents suitable for 500 people in the quake-hit city of Khoy to overcome the regime’s refusal to provide assistance to the resident of the quaker-hit city.


Iran Acknowledges ‘Tens of Thousands’ Detained in Protests

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Iran’s supreme leader on Sunday reportedly ordered an amnesty or reduction in prison sentences for “tens of thousands” of people detained amid nationwide anti-government protests shaking the country, acknowledging for the first time the scale of the crackdown.

The decree by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, part of a yearly pardoning the supreme leader does before the anniversary of Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution, comes as authorities have yet to say how many people they detained in the demonstrations. State media also published a list of caveats over the order that would disqualify those with ties abroad or facing spying charges — allegations which have been met with wide international criticism.

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McCaul Finds Admin Decision to Waive Iran Sanctions “Deeply Troubling”


Washington, D.C. – House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul issued the following statement on the Biden administration’s decision to waive sanctions on nonproliferation activities involving Iran.

“I am deeply troubled by the administration’s decision to waive sanctions on nonproliferation activities involving Iran, despite Iran’s continued noncompliance with its Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement and the potential benefit to Russia’s state-owned energy giant, Rosatom. This decision further undermines international nonproliferation norms and is inconsistent with the administration’s stated policy to support Ukraine. Rosatom cannot be allowed to profit from work in Iran while it actively fuels the Kremlin’s unprovoked war of aggression against Ukraine.”



Iranian Communities’ Summit in Canada Marks the Anniversary of the 1979 Anti-monarchic Revolution

Iranian communities summit Canada anniversary

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi: Dear friends of the Iranian people and Resistance,
Fellow compatriots, Your gathering on the anniversary of the 1979 anti-monarchic revolution manifests the determination and fervent struggle of the Iranian people who have chosen an uprising and revolutionary solution to overthrow the mullahs’ clerical dictatorship. If the revolution means rising up and sacrificing, if it means upsetting the status quo, and if it means closing all roads to regression, deviation, despotism, and dependence (as opposed to independence), then you and the Iranian people have the key to victory and freedom.

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Iran Protests Expand in 21st Week Despite Escalating Crackdown

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Iran’s nationwide uprising is marking its 142nd day on Saturday following a busy day of protests by people in different cities across the country and an expanding night campaign in the capital Tehran. Protesters in Zahedan and other cities of Sistan & Baluchestan Province once again took to the streets following their weekly Friday prayers. They are protesting the entirety of the mullahs’ rule and rejecting any and all types of dictatorship while seeking a new democracy to govern in Iran.

Similar protests in Sanandaj ignited as people are demanding the release of their local leaders who have been recently arrested by the regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and intelligence agents.

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MP Calls on UK To Proscribe Iran Guards to End ‘Nefarious Activities’


LONDON: Iran poses a “clear and present danger” and immediate action must be taken to proscribe the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization in the UK, according to a parliamentarian.

“Every day we delay, we give them the opportunity to expand their operations, to carry out other nefarious activities,” Bob Blackman, MP for Harrow East, told Arab News. “We’ve seen evidence of some of the organizations in the United Kingdom that are operating under direct control of the IRGC.”

He said that this was “a serious threat to our homeland security, so it’s key that we have to address it and prompt action is required.”

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Solidarity With Iran Uprising – Iranian Diaspora Holds Rallies and Photo Exhibitions

Brussels Solidarity with Iran uprising 4 min

Since the start of the Iran uprising in mid-September, the Iranian diaspora and supporters of the Iranian Resistance have been in the streets in dozens of countries around the world to convey the voice of their compatriots to the world by holding rallies in solidarity with Iran uprising. The Iran uprising was sparked by the death of a young Kurdish woman, Mahsa Amini, in the custody of the morality police.

The Iran uprising is in its fifth month. Security forces have killed more than 750 protesters, and 30,000 were arrested and detained under torture. The regime has executed four protesters.

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Fordow Nuclear Site, a New Trouble of Khamenei and IRGC

The Iranian regime has installed dozens of advanced centrifuges to accelerate uranium enrichment, the United Nations' atomic watchdog disclosed Monday, a revelation representing just the latest in a series of provocative breaches of the 2015 nuclear deal by the mullahs' regime.

Following Rafael Grossi’s statement that the changes on the Fordow nuclear site by the Iranian government are different from what was reported to the Atomic Energy Organization, Kamalondi, the head of Iran’s AEO, claimed that Mr. Grossi’s information was not updated, but now the United States and other countries The European members of the JCPOA have stated that the Iranian government’s justifications for the unannounced changes on Fordow nuclear site are insufficient.

In an announcement in the form of a confidential report by Rafael Grossi, the Director General of the Atomic Energy Agency, on Wednesday first of February 2023, the Agency’s member countries announced that there are fundamental differences with the connection of 2 cascades of Iran’s IR6 centrifuges at the Fordow nuclear site with what the Iranian government claims.

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