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Day 21 of the Iran Protests for Regime Change

Day 21 of the Iran Protests for Regime Change
Day 21 of the Iran Protests for Regime Change


must punish & prosecute the mullahs for crime against humanity. Inaction emboldens more slaughter & is complicity in crime.

— Mohammad Mohaddessin (@Mohaddessin) :
The Special Representative for , Brian Hook expressed concerns on the mass killing of . At least 1000 are reported killed, he suggested. Brian Hook addressed the media. , called for accountability. Given Brian Hook remarks today, U.S. MUST take tangible steps to hold regime leaders accountable .Press conference at the on unrestrained brutalities,massacres,more than 1000 victims,many thousands arrested,beaten and tortured.All speakers from the most relevant Parties ask for a sharp change in Italian foreign policy towards Iran. . , , , , against denounced at PressConference at the Italian Parliament,by 1000 morti, 12.000 arrestati. Italia accoglie negazionista Sajjadpouri. Basta silenzio to take an initiative to hold ‘s dictatorship accountable for .
Footage of the mullahs’ vicious killing spree in this city.
Voice heard saying, “Viva the youth of Jarahi,” referring to a district in Mahshahr. Reports indicate the IRGC killed 40 to 100 locals, and possibly more.. At least 17 children were killed by the regime during the Nov. protests. The regime must be held accountable. ‘s security forces caught on camera. These are the people that are supposed to maintain the rule of law. Imagine living in a country where these thugs are supposed to provide your security. Are Sign of ‘Popular Dissatisfaction’ With the Regime

— NCRI-FAC (@iran_policy) December 4, 2019

U.S. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, representing New York’s 21st District:

‏The people of Iran deserve to have their voices heard without being met with horrific bloodshed. Unfortunately, like the people of Hong Kong, their voices are stifled by authoritarian regimes and the Islamic Republic— who also have no regard for human rights.

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