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Johnson: Iran Protests Are Sign of ‘Popular Dissatisfaction’ With the Regime

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson-Iran protests are sign of real popular dissatisfaction

The : Death Toll in Uprising Surpasses 1,000

— NCRI-FAC (@iran_policy) December 4, 2019

“My own feeling is that this is not just about fuel prices, this is a sign of real popular dissatisfaction with the regime and frankly I am by no means surprised,” Johnson told reporters at a news conference following a NATO summit in the UK. 

“As so often, Iranian disruption in the region is a distraction from the failings of the Iranian regime,” Reuters quoted Johnson as saying.  

United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told an audience at the University of Louisville in Kentucky on December 2 that the protesters in Iran are demanding their basic rights. 

“And the protests in Iran itself in 90-plus cities are taking place because the Iranian people are fed up.  They see a theocracy that is stealing money.  The ayatollah is stealing tens and tens of millions of dollars, putting it in his own pocket, money that should go to provide resources for the Iranian people.  And they just – it’s – they say enough and they’re demanding these basic rights.” 

“In Iran, the reporting indicates that there are several hundred people who have been killed by the security forces, thousands detained inside of Iran, and to stand up and say that’s not right, these people are simply asking for a basic set of freedoms, and the Iranian leadership – that regime should change in a way that reflects the desires of their own people.” 

The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) has published an additional list of the victims of the Iranian people’s uprising. The number of those killed in the protests that swept across 189 cities has risen to above 1,000. 

According to reports received by the Iranian Resistance from inside Iran, the regime’s State Security Force alone has recorded 1,029 deaths related to the protests. 

Iranian opposition leader Maryam Rajavi on Wednesday hailed the uprising’s heroic martyrs and called on the United Nations Security Council and the European Union and its member states to condemn this horrendous mass killing by the Iranian regime and to take urgent action to stop this crime against humanity and secure the release all those arrested. 

She added that inaction toward the regime’s massacre of Iranian people is inexcusable and the mullahs will construe it as a green light to continue and intensify their crimes and leave a deep scar on the conscience of humanity. Mrs. Rajavi called on the UN Secretary-General to send a fact-finding mission without delay to investigate the extent of the killings and visit detention centers in Iran. 

Mrs. Rajavi urged the UN Security Council and its president to declare the massacre of the Iranian people by the regime as a crime against humanity and to bring the heads of this regime and those responsible for this horrific crime to justice. She said that the international community must ostracize the bloody ruling dictatorship in Iran from the community of nations and bring to justice the regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, President Hassan Rouhani, and other officials.