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Iran: New Protests by Workers and Retirees

Iran: New Protests by Workers and Retirees

Protests by workers and retirees in different Iranian cities

Written by Mansoureh Galestan on 03 February 2020.

Reports from Iran obtained by the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI, Mujahedin-e Khalq or MEK) indicate there have been numerous protests by workers and retirees in different Iranian cities within the last two days.

The protesters demanded their long-delayed salaries and protested the regime’s authorities’ mismanagement and plundering.

The workers of the harbor city of Bandar-e Lengeh’s municipality, in southwest Iran, continued their protest gathering on Sunday for not receiving their long-delayed wages and insurances. These municipality workers have held various protests within the last few months, yet the regime’s officials have failed in fulfilling their promises to pay the workers’ salaries.

In a similar development, the municipality workers of the city of Alvand, in Qazvin province, staged a protest gathering. They have not received their salaries for the past four months.

The contract workers of the Water Organization in the southwestern province of Khuzestan held a protest rally in front of the company’s building. They protested to their unstable working condition and low salaries.

On Sunday, the petrochemical workers of Apadana in the southwestern Asaluyeh County in Bushehr province held a protest gathering for not receiving their salaries in five months. In a similar development, the workers of the Arvand Petrochemical in southwest Iran continued their protest on Sunday despite threats by the regime and efforts to disperse them.

The retirees of the “Remote Communication of Shiraz” in the central Fars province held a protest in front of the governorate in Shiraz. They said they want their delayed pensions plus the damages of delay.

The workers of the Khosh-Nush factory in the city of Hamadan held a protest gathering on Sunday in front of the Central office of Labor in Hamadan province. They protested to the non-implementation of early retirement.

The Iranian regime denies workers from receiving their salaries and insurances for months, and sometimes years, while these workers lack the minimum working condition’s safety and security.

In related news on Saturday and Sunday, due to the lack of safety in the workplace, 10 workers were killed and injured in five separate incidents in Mehriz, Shabestar, Tabriz, Malkan and Kohbanan cities. Four workers were injured and six others, including a mine worker, were killed in the accident. Iran is ranked No.102 in the world in terms of occupational safety, which is very low. Many workers fall victim to insecure working conditions, and no one is held accountable.

The Iranian regime’s institutionalized corruption and plundering of the national wealth, to continue its warmongering policies abroad and domestic oppression, prevent the regime from taking any measure to resolve people’s problems.