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Iran: Teachers’ Representative to Support the Uprising of Iranian People

NCRI Staff

NCRI – On Wednesday January 17. In a message to the people of Iran, the Iranian teachers’ representative said: “Heroic people of Iran, the world has heard your voice! The gatherings are your inalienable rights; resume street protests as soon as possible and do not give the regime the opportunity to prepare for repression.”

Hashem Khastar, representative of Iranian teachers, in an interview examined the Iranian people’s uprising and said: “The system of Velayat-e faqih is a totally corrupt system that plunders and loots the wealth of the Iranian people; this system is increasingly sinking down the quagmire of corruption and collapse, and as long as this regime exists, the situation of the Iranian people gets worse day by day.”

He addressed the people of Iran and said: “Gatherings and rally is your inalienable rights even in the constitution of the same regime; the UN Secretary-General also emphasizes the fact that gatherings are our inalienable rights; the world have noticed our protests and heard our voice. The rallies and demonstrations must be resumed as soon as possible before the regime can take a breath and refresh itself and prepare for more repression.”

Mr. Khastar emphasized that the greatest honour is to go jail for this cause or martyrdom in this path.

“The ruling regime claims to be Islamic but it has taken away the dignity of Islam and has only made Islam a means of suppressing the people of Iran. The rulers of this country have no literacy of how to run the country, and their only gift for Iranian people has been corruption and oppression. They should not be given more opportunity to plunder and destroy this country,” he added.

In part of his interview, Hashem Khastar said: “If they arrested me and imprisoned me, I have spoken about nothing but ‘freedom and democracy’ which has been integrated into each of my cells for more than fifty years. If they somehow get rid of me, make sure that you will continue the way and continue to hold the protests and rallies until victory.”

It should be recalled that the Secretary-General of the United Nations at a press conference on the recent popular protests in Iran said: The right to raise objections and protest is a fundamental human right and should be respected regarding Iranian protesters.
Antonio Guterres added: If there is something that I consider to be very important, it’s the right to peaceful protests from the people. As a result, I attach importance to the Iranian people’s right to express their objections, and we have clearly emphasized that this right should be respected.