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Political prisoners in Zahedan support “Free Iran” rally in Paris


NCRI – Political prisoners in Iran’s south-eastern city of Zahedan have issued a statement in support of the July 9 “Free Iran” gathering in Paris by members and supporters of the Iranian Resistance.

In their statement, smuggled outside of Zahedan Prison, the political prisoners said: “We political prisoners of the Central Prison of Zahedan call on all our countrymen, both inside the country and abroad, to definitely take part in the major gathering of Iranians in Paris which will be taking place in defense of the rights of the Iranian people in order to prevent all these catastrophes that are taking place.”

In another part of the statement, touching upon the human rights violations carried out in Iran by the mullahs’ regime, the political prisoners said: “Individuals who are arrested are denied access to a lawyer until after their interrogation and they are kept uninformed about the charges in their files.”

“In interrogation centers [prisoners] are subjected to the worst sorts of tortures, the most common of which is being tied to a bed and flogged with heavy cables.”

“People who are arrested in Sistan and Baluchistan Province are mainly from impoverished backgrounds who are denied proper education and literacy,” they said, adding the judges re-write that which the defendants say such that it ends up being used against them, leading to many instances where “defendants who had not carried out any crimes are sentenced to life imprisonment or execution.”

They added that “executions in the country continue unabated and there has been no change for the better” during Hassan Rouhani’s presidency.

At the end of their statement, they urged participants at the “Free Iran” rally to be the voice of political prisoners in Iran.

The signatories of the statement, included political prisoners: Hamzeh Rigi, Mowlavi Noureddin Kashani, Mowlavi Abdolvahed Shahnavazi, Mowlavi Mohammad Amin Dehqani, Mowlavi Abdolrahim Kuhi, Farooq Barani, Abdolkhaleq Rigi, Abed Bampuri, Eshaq Kalkali, Zubeir Hud, Abed Baran-Zehi, Mosayeb Baran-Zehi, Shahab Dehvari, Vahid Hud, Mohamad Dehvari, Abubakr Rostami, Sajjad Baluch, Shir-Ahmad Hossein-Zehi, Meysam Chandani, Mohammad Hossein Rigi, Dor-Mohammad Shah-Bakhsh, and another prisoner only identified by his first name Esmaeil.

The Free Iran rally by tens of thousands of supporters of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) and the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI or MEK) will be held on July 9 in Paris. There, members of the Iranian Resistance will expose the evil nature of the regime to policymakers, journalists, religious leaders, and civilians globally.