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Iran News in Brief – July 30, 2022




State Officials’ Hypocricy Faces Public Backlash


Since the floods have hit hard people’s lives across Iran, state officials who are responsible for the negligence and corruption that devastated the country’s infrastructure and paved the way for so much destruction, have rushed into the muddy waters to show off and fake empathy with the victims’ families.

The systemic hypocrisy of state officials has triggered a fit of nationwide anger towards the regime which is partially reflected on social media. The outrage even made it into the state media.

The state-run Jomhouri Eslami newspaper wrote: “Wearing official clothes and without bringing relief equipment, some members of parliament, ministers and the mayor of Tehran,  attended the flooded areas of Tehran province, especially Imamzadeh Dawood, and took selfies with muddy feet. These photos were met with reactions from users on social media. Some people said that the face of the officials showed no sign of sadness and fear like those of the people whose homes and lives were destroyed by the flood. There was also no sign of fatigue like the rescuers who are helping the people. Which flood-hit individual on earth would think of taking a selfie in this situation?”


Another Swedish Citizen Fell Victim to Tehran’s Hostage-taking Policy


Encouraged by the Western appeasement policy, the Iranian regime took another Swedish citizen hostage and threatened Sweden with retribution.

A press release that was issued by the regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Information (MOIS) and widely published by the Iranian state media claimed: “The accused person has a history of traveling to the occupied lands under the Zionist regime. As the MOIS has repeatedly announced before, it responds decisively to the smallest violation of the country’s security borders. Especially to the infamous regime of Sweden, which has supported several proxy spies for the occupying Jerusalem regime (such as Ahmadreza Jalali, a certain spy of the Zionist regime and a definite criminal who was responsible for the identification and assassination of some of the country’s nuclear scientists) as well as providing a safe haven for criminal terrorists such as hypocrites (regime’s terms to defame the MEK).”


Flooding in Iran Leaves 59 Deaths and 30 Missing


The Secretary General of the Red Crescent Organization in Iran announced that the recent floods in the country have killed 59 people and 30 others are still missing.

According to the state-run Hamshahri Online, Yaqub Soleimani said: “Until today, 59 people died in the provinces of Tehran, Sistan and Baluchistan, Lorestan, Mazandaran, Markazi, Kerman and Yazd in the incidents caused by the recent floods, and 30 compatriots are still missing in Mazandaran, Lorestan, Kerman, and Tehran provinces.”

The official added that 60 cities, 140 counties, 516 villages, and 85 axes are affected by the incident.


Brussels Court Ruling Signals Another Blow to Iran’s Regime, Pro-appeasement Circles


The Brussels Court of First Instance convened on Thursday, July 28, and extended a ban imposed on the extradition of Assadollah Assadi, the Iranian regime’s convicted and imprisoned diplomat-terrorist. This ruling will keep Assadi behind bars for another two months when a substantial case hearing has been scheduled for September 19. Assadi and his three accomplices are serving up to 20 years in prison for their role in a thwarted bomb plot targeting the “Free Iran” gathering held in 2018 just north of Paris in support of the Iranian opposition coalition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) and NCRI President-elect Mrs.

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Iran Floods Take a Toll on Women and Children in 17 Provinces


Women and children were killed in Iran floods in 17 provinces, including Hormozgan, Sistan and Baluchestan, and Tehran. Two little girls drowned in flashfloods in Hormozgan province, southern Iran.

Four decades of the mullahs’ predatory rule have destroyed Iran’s infrastructures, leaving the people of Iran defenseless against natural disasters. They face a new disaster every day.

The Iranian regime authorities in Sistan and Baluchestan Province have reported three deaths and damages to 51 residential units following the Iran floods.

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Iran’s Youths Are Increasingly Resisting the Regime’s Repression


With many of the Iranian regime’s officials warning people about new repressive orders, especially against the youths and women, the regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei defended these orders in his latest meeting with the Friday prayers leaders and praised the actions of the regime’s so-called guidance patrol who are targeting the country’s women.

He claimed that the women’s wish to have the freedom to choose their own clothing is the ruse of the West, therefore encountering it is necessary. He claimed, “Over the course of more than four decades, Iranian women have been able to be present in scientific, social, athletic, political, managerial, economic, and cultural fields. They have achieved great accomplishments, all while wearing the Islamic hijab and the chador.”

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Iran: MEK Resistance Units Send 5,000 Messages to Free Iran 2022 Campaign

MEK Resistance Units send 5000 messages to Free Iran 2022 campaign

As part of the Free Iran 2022 campaign, members of the MEK Resistance Units sent 5,000 video messages, supporting the Iranian opposition’s yearly convention and reiterating their resolve to overthrow the theocratic rule of the mullahs in Iran.

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