Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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Italian Lawmakers Endorse Nationwide Iran Uprising and Resistance

On Wednesday, Italian lawmakers attended a conference in the country’s Senate, supporting the nationwide Iran uprising on its 83rd day. Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), was the event’s keynote speaker. Addressing the conference via the internet, Mrs. Rajavi delivered an in-depth insight into the democratic revolution in Iran, as well as shared some policy recommendations for supporting the Iranian people and their organized Resistance movement in their quest for establishing a democratic country.

Marco Scurria, Secretary of the European Union Political Commission of the Senate:This is the platform of the Iranian resistance: We support freedom and freedom of women in Iran. We believe in justice. We support the legal procedure that provides each person the right to defend themselves. We support the human rights declaration and condemn any kind of discrimination against women. We acknowledge private property. Foreign policy must be based on peace.”

“This is a different dream for Iran. The role played by women in this movement is important. They are the main victims of the regime’s discrimination. This is a system based on decades of dictatorship.”

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran:Over the last 69 years, students and youths have been protesting the Shah’s and mullahs’ regimes on this day.”

“Your initiative answers the fundamental question that when the people of Iran are fighting against the religious dictatorship, what are the responsibilities of Europe, and Italy in particular? I believe Italy can lead in helping the people of Iran against a regime whose crimes have crossed Iran’s borders and targeted Europe.”

“The Iranian people’s uprising will enter its fourth month in a few days. Three months full of selflessness, sacrifice, and suffering are the most important and objective reasons that point to the regime’s inevitable overthrow. All developments confirm that the regime has reached the point of no return and is in its final phase.”

“The uprising is not a sudden incident that lacks roots. Instead, it is the product of the Iranian people’s struggle in the last four decades, for which 120,000 freedom fighters sacrificed their lives.”

“And in the past five years, the country’s low-income population has tripled. The brutal suppression of women and youth and the aggravation of poverty and unemployment have distraught everyone.”

“Since the 2017 uprising, several significant incidents have built up the substantial and explosive anti-regime rage in Iranian society. The current uprising is the eruption of anger and pain caused by these factors. As a result, it is irreversible, irrepressible, and moving toward the regime’s overthrow.”

“Now, in such circumstances, the question is why Europe, beyond the verbal condemnations, has not yet been freed itself from the chains of relations of the past four decades, i.e., accommodating and giving concessions to the clerical regime.”

“The missing link in European policy is the recognition of the Iranian people’s desire to overthrow the mullahs’ regime and establish a democratic republic. Unfortunately, European countries continue to engage with the regime.”

“The regime’s embassies, which are centers of espionage and terrorism, continue their operations, and even the agents of the Ministry of Intelligence and the terrorist Quds Force have free reins to carry out their activities in Europe.”

“Unfortunately, in addition to short-term economic interests, the European Union’s policy has been adjusted to obtain a nuclear agreement with the mullahs. An approach focusing on dialogue and appeasement has not worked from the outset, but today it is more destructive than ever.”

“The regime’s efforts to obtain the atomic bomb, its regional aggression, and international terrorism be countered only through a firm policy. The most important indicator is the reinforcement of the UN Security Council resolutions. Two European Union countries and four G7 countries can do that. Italy is a member of both groups.”

“As one of the 54 members of the United Nations Economic and Social Council, Italy can vote to expel the regime from the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) at the December 14 meeting of the ECOSOC.”

“In addition to killing children, the regime has recently imprisoned and tortured hundreds of teenagers under 18, for which it should be expelled from UNICEF as well. Italy can also take the lead in such an initiative.”

“Another decisive measure, which is the European Union’s responsibility and Italy’s in particular, is to designate the Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist entity. I urge the Italian Senate to compel the government to pursue this objective by adopting a binding resolution.”

“As the regime’s alternative, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) has been fighting for 41 years to overthrow the mullahs and establish a republic based on the people’s vote and the separation of religion and state.”

“These are the same demands for which millions of Iranians take to the streets today. We vigorously defend the freedoms and equal rights of Iran’s ethnic minorities and stress their right to autonomy within the framework of Iran’s territorial integrity.” 

“The PMOI has been at the center of this coalition. It has denounced and condemned the regime’s abuse of Islam from the very beginning by advocating a genuine, tolerant, and democratic Islam. That our movement has been able to resist the mullahs’ misogynistic dictatorship over several decades because it believes in freedom and equality.” 

“We have always said no to compulsory religion, no to compulsory veil, and no to a compulsory government. On the other hand, we have said yes to the separation of religion and state, yes to freedom of attire, and yes to a republic and democracy.”

Ambassador Giulio Terzi, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy:We all share the objective of freedom and democracy in Iran. We support the people who are in the streets of Iran. We have seen many victims. We support this movement, who are fighting for human dignity.”

“Leaders, think tanks, Nobel Prize winners, politicians, everyone can contribute to this movement. The 10-point plan makes it clear what Iran can become. The regime is losing its power. Mrs. Rajavi has told us that the number of victims is huge. The regime’s actions are unbelievable, especially against the supporters of the MEK. We know that the regime executed 30,000 of their supporters based on a fatwa.”

“It’s very important that we have a reaction on behalf of our people and institutions. The regime is trying to deceive the West by claiming that it has abolished the moral police, but it is not true. The police continue to attack women who just show a few strands of hair. The Iranian people are not stopping their revolution. We are seeing what has happened in the past few years with all the other uprisings.”

“The regime’s nuclear program is aimed at weaponization. It wants to destabilize the region. We know that the regime has an active terrorist network here in Europe. The regime is spreading antisemitism. Many EU countries continue to pretend as if nothing has happened. We know about Iran’s money laundry. But the EU does not stop its commercial trade with Iran. The billions of dollars in trade with Iran are going to the IRGC.” 

“We have to go beyond human rights sanctions. We must make a radical revision of the European security policy. The IRGC and its proxies and organizations, such as MOIS, are a serious threat. We need serious consideration and I agree with the recommendations made by Mrs. Rajavi.”

“Finally, I want to emphasize the role of women in the protests taking place in Iran. They are an example of the fight against dictatorship.”

Luana Zanella, former Member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies:The unbelievable courage of Iranian women is unprecedented. They were able to get all people involved in such levels in the revolution. We hope that it will lead to definitive results. We hope for a radical change of this regime.”

“The dictatorship is a stronghold of the patriarchal form of political governance. As the European community, we must criticize ourselves. I had the chance to see the reality of the strength of the resistance. The women of the Iranian resistance are very strong. They are able to highlight the role of the resistance across the globe.”  

“We, the people of the West, must take over our responsibilities. This situation concerns all of human society. The political challenge of women is not only confined to Iran.”  

“What can we do? Italy is an important trade partner of Iran. The government must show courage and take concrete steps to show this courage. We should have the political initiative in the European Union as we did for Ukraine. We need that kind of approach. Otherwise, we will not get much further.” 

Antonio Tasso, former Member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies:The regime is acting against the people. All the principles acknowledged by the democratic world are in danger. The regime has been spreading lies against the Iranian Resistance and president Rajavi. These are all unfounded lies. I’ve met with the members of the resistance. I have attended their rallies where 100,000 people from around the world come to support president Rajavi. The regime tried to stage a terrorist attack against the rally of the resistance.” 

“So, who is behind all these attacks and repression and terrorism? It is the regime. The people of Iran just want to live better lives. They are suffering under this regime and its killings, violence, and abuse of Islam. I’m sure that it will all come down. President Rajavi represents hope for all of us. Her platform respects human dignity. She is standing against this theocratic regime. I support her program and the actions of the Iranian Resistance.”

Dario Parrini, member of the Senate: “We must join forces to protect human rights and liberty across the globe. We must offer our solidarity to the people of Iran. We must have a more defined position in favor of those who are trying to change the situation in Iran. The world has to support them and show a better reaction.”

“We support a pluralistic and meritocratic state. We must denounce what the regime is doing and show our solidarity with the people fighting for their freedom.”

Alessandra Maiorino– Member of the Senate: “We support all the people who are fighting this regime in Iran. The facts are shocking. The regime has not stopped slaughtering the people. What is happening in Iran is immoral. It is our duty to take a firm position. I’m proud that politicians from all political views are offering their support for the people, the women of Iran. It is important that the Italian parliament and government raise their voice at the EU level. The courage of Iranian women has extended to the entire society. They are fighting for the same values that we believe in.”

Elisabetta Zamparutti, member of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman and Degrading Treatments (CPT). She is Treasurer of Hands off Cain:This meeting is important because we are assisting a flood of people who are in every Iranian city. They are like a river that can’t be stopped, and their numbers grow every day. They are saying that the Iranian regime is not their ruler. They are asking for democracy and rights. For over 40 years, they have been under unbelievable violence. The regime has condemned protesters to death.”

“This is the first time that the UNHRC is investigating the atrocities committed by the regime during demonstrations. Thousands of protesters are in jails inside Iran. They are being tortured and treated brutally.”

“Mrs. Rajavi is a woman leading the fight against a misogynistic regime. I’ve known her for 20 years. This is a movement that has suffered immensely at the hands of this regime, including the execution of more than 30,000 of its members and supporters. The regime’s president today is one of the perpetrators of that crime against humanity. This is especially concerning because the regime has arrested thousands of protesters in recent weeks.”

“I support all the proposals made today. It is time to acknowledge the masses who are flooding the streets of Iran. All western governments must engage in dialog with the opposition to the regime, particularly the NCRI. They have fought for 40 years. I believe the Italian government must recognize the NCRI.”

Reza Olia, NCRI member: “I’ve lived in Italy for over 50 years. A new uprising is taking place in Iran in the past three months. This uprising is being led by courageous women who are fighting for over 40 years against the Iranian dictatorship. I remember that Mrs. Rajavi announced 30 years ago that the strength of change is in the hands of Iranian women. For those who have been fighting for many years, the leading role of women in Iran is not a surprise. Thanks to them, the Iranian Resistance lives on. We hope that this uprising will lead to We must acknowledge the NCRI.”