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Latest News in Brief – August 11, 2020



Iran News in Brief

Iran: Coronavirus Fatalities in 373 Cities Surpassed 86,200

Maryam Rajavi: UN Should Intervene and Save Lives of Prisoners

Iran news in brief, August 11, 2020


Iran Regime’s Corruption Revealed by an Official, Shows Mullahs Are the Real Source of Economic Problems


As the Iranian regime reaches its end, infighting between the rival factions over more share of power and keeping this regime alive intensifies. Each faction reveals the corruption of the other faction to have a greater share of the power.    

Parviz Fattah, head of the Bonyad Mostazafan financial foundation, acknowledged some aspects of the Iranian regime’s institutionalized corruption on August 9 in an interview with state television. In the interview, he revealed several former and current regime officials who have stolen millions of dollars from the Bonyad Mostazafan.  

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To Prevent Further Crackdowns, Hold Iran Accountable for Its Past Crimes

Amnesty: UN must speak openly and firmly against impunity over Iran’s 1988 massacre

Last November, countless Iranians responded to a sudden spike in government-set gasoline prices by rising up in protest across around 200 cities. As with a previous nationwide uprising in January 2018, the expression of economic discontent quickly morphed into the public condemnation of the entire religious fascism

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Iran: The Staggering Coronavirus Fatalities in 373 Cities Surpassed 86,200

Over-86200-dead-of-coronavirus-COVID-19-in-Iran-Iran-Coronavirus-Death-Toll-per-PMOI-MEK-sourcesThe Jahan-e-Sanat daily was shut down after quoting Dr. Mahboubfar, a member of the National Coronavirus Combat Taskforce (NCCT), as saying that the number of patients and deaths is 20 times higher than the figures announced by the Health Ministry.
Seyed Moayed Alavian, former Deputy Health Minister: We are responsible for every single death. Why do we lie to people? They want honesty and transparency.
Iraj Harirchi, regime’s Deputy Health Minister: Prescribing drugs costing 10 and 50 million [tomans], makes the poor envy as they cannot afford it. This will turn into pent-up anger. It will result in protests, and there is a cost associated with that.
State-daily, Setareh Sobh: In case of holding the entrance exam and Muharram ceremonies, we should be prepared to face the third wave of the Coronavirus. While many hospitals are full to capacity and cannot accept Coronavirus patients, the Health Ministry is speaking of a decrease in statistics! What are we trying to achieve by playing with the figures?

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Iran: Maryam Rajavi Urges the International Community to Take Immediate Action to Save the Lives of Detained Protesters and Political Prisoners

50134718066_9d0dbb53d7_o-300x200Desperately trying to prevent popular uprisings by intimidating and terrorizing the public, the religious fascism ruling Iran is issuing death sentences for detained protesters and political prisoners.

A court in Islamshahr, south of Tehran, referred the case of Hossein Reyhani to the Supreme Court for final consideration. He is accused of Moharebeh (waging war against the God), for his participation in the November 2019 uprising. Reyhani was arrested when agents of the Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Organization raided his home in Islamshahr on November 22, 2019. He was interrogated and tortured in the Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Detention Center in Evin Prison and was eventually transferred to the Greater Tehran Prison (Fashafuyeh).

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Maryam Rajavi’s call on the International community to urgently intervene to stop executions in Iran

Calling on the international community to urgently intervene to stop executions in Iran save Iran protesters and political prisoners sentenced to death. Iran’s ruling regime must be strongly censured for its continued torture, arbitrary executions esp. of political prisoners.
The UN Security Council, Secretary-General, High Commissioner for human rights, Human Rights Council needs to take urgent action to stop executions in Iran and save the prisoners. They must send fact-finding delegations to visit Iran prisons and prisoners.




Monday, August 10, 2020, marks the 268th day since the beginning of the nationwide Iran protests.

The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) has identified 755 of the more than 1500 protesters killed by the regime so far.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) has called on the United Nations to urgently send an international fact-finding mission to Iranian prisons to meet with the detainees.


Number of uprising cities: 191

Number of martyrs: At least 1500

Number of injured: More than 4,000

Number of detainees: More than 12,000

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