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Over 200 Protests in Iran in October


There were 204 protests in 59 cities, and 24 provinces across Iran during October, according to : Azarab Workers Continue Protest, Block National Railway Suppressive Forces Fire Teargas

— NCRI-FAC (@iran_policy) ; Regime Respond With Repression

— NCRI-FAC (@iran_policy) October 24, 2019

University students

University students held 12 protests across eight cities and provinces for various reasons, some of which we will go over now: 

  • Quchan University of Advanced Technologies Engineering students held a three-day protest against high tuition 
  • Khomeini University students demanded an end to gender segregation on their campus 
  • Students at Tehran’s University of Science and Technology held a two-day protest after at least 70 students were poisoned by cafeteria food 
  • Tehran University students demanded an end to the prosecution of student and labour activists as well as banning student activists from continuing their education 
  • Students at Amirkabir University of Technology protested high tuition and corruption in the university management 


Farmers held eight protests in four provinces, most significantly over water rights in Isfahan and Golestan. 


Eight prisoners in six prisons and cities went to hunger strike to protest things like: 

  • Denial of medical treatment 
  • Prison conditions 
  • Unfair charges  
  • Abuse by authorities 
  • Non- implementation of release orders 
  • Denial of furlough