Amb. Blackwell: Listen to voices of Iranians in June 13 Paris gathering

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights urges Americans to use the opportunity of June 13 major gathering of Iranians opposition in Paris to ‘push their leaders’ to listen to their voices and correct the mistake of neglecting Iranian people form ‘policy conclusions’ when it comes to Middle Eastern affairs.

Ambassador Ken Blackwell wrote in TownHall on Monday: "For far too long, the Iranian people have been virtually absent from policy calculations and from the public consciousness when it comes to Middle Eastern affairs.”

Camp Liberty residents tell their plight to Al-Arabiya TV

Al Arabiya
June 4, 2015

Sabriya and Shokriya Shafabin tell their story

Al Arabiya: Before it leaving Iraq, the United States asked Iraq to guarantee the security of Iranian refugees in Camp Ashraf, but Nuri Maliki’s forces attacked this camp several times and resorted to a massacre of the residents.

Shokriya: In Ashraf we said that Ashraf is like a mini Iran. All Iranian ethnicities are present; the Baluchis, Kurds, Fars and there really is no difference between them. Ashraf was a small size Iran and a model for the Iran of the future.

Mauritania’s lawmakers call for eviction of Iran regime from Arab region

Members of the Mauritanian National Assembly have called on Arab states to "continue and intensify the joint work of the Arab forces in Yemen and to evict the Iranian regime from Arab regions in response to its meddling in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon."

A statement signed by 23 deputies called for the "formation of an Arab military force whose mission would be rapid and immediate intervention to provide security for the Arab States".

The lawmakers said: "It's time for the voice of the Iranian people and its legitimate Resistance against the ruling regime in Iran to be heard."

Maryam Rajavi meets residents of Auvers-sur-Oise in Flower Festival

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran met on Saturday with a group of residents of Auvers-sur-Oise, in the northwestern suburbs of Paris, during a festivity on the Day of Flowers in the city.

Along with Mrs. Rajavi a group of children from Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Iran planted flowers seedlings symbolizing hope for new generation in these countries where people are victims of Islamic fundamentalism, war and carnage.

Political prisoners call for support for Iranian opposition June gathering

Iranian political prisoners have urged Iranians around the world to take part in a gathering in Paris calling for regime change in Tehran.

The political prisoners from Gohardasht, Evin, Karaj and Ahvaz prisons called on all their countryman to be their voice, and the voice of those who have killed by the Iranian regime.

The statement said: Unfortunately, with the negligence of the Western countries and the United States… for the sake of nuclear accord, executions and imprisonments continue to increase daily and it not only affects Iranians of every language, religion and faith, but owing to these feeble policies and appeasement, this tyranny has now gone viral in the region.”

”West should support democratic opposition to unseat mullahs in Iran”

Dr. Alejo Vidal-Quadras who was Vice-President of European Parliament from 1999-2014 and currently chairs the Brussels-based International Committee in Search of Justice (ISJ) argues that it’s high time for Western leaders to support the democratic opposition and permanently unseat the mullahs from power.

In an article published in EuroActive Vidal-Quadras, strongly welcomed the recent joint statement of 220 members of the European Parliament supporting the democratic opposition to the regime and demanding that a possible international accord over Iran’s illicit nuclear program include provisions for inspections of its military sites.

Iran: Iranian youth support gathering of Iranian opposition in Paris

Iranian youth organization opposing the clerical regime have sent a series of messages supporting the upcoming grand gathering of Iranian Resistance on June 13 near Paris.

The organizations based inside of Iran described the event as the voice of Iranian people for freedom and democracy in Iran. The public expression of support are taking place despite the security risk involved for any Iranian citizen supporting the main opposition movement against the regime. They often face long prison terms and torture.

Iranian opposition activist recounts his abduction and escape by regime

Al-Arabiya TV documentary on Iran after revolution titled “Hellish Era”; first episode

This documentary covers memoires of People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) members regarding the atrocities of the Iranian regime. The first episode of this documentary series is about the abduction of Mr. Abolhassan Mojtahedzadeh in Istanbul by Iranian regime’s embassy.

Iranians in U.S. to join June 13 opposition rally in Paris

Thousands of Iranians will unite in Paris next week to announce that their country's future is not a nuclear theocracy, but a secular and progressive democracy, a U.S. Iranian community organization has declared.

Babak Dadvand, president of the Organization of Iranian American Communities, said of the June 13 gathering in Paris: "Given the lack of free speech in Iran, and the climate of fear and repression, it is impossible for common Iranians to express their desires and aspirations and their disillusionment with the regime.

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