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Iranian opposition holds major gathering in an important time in Paris: Kennedy

Speaking to Simay-e Azadi TV ahead of the major gathering of the Iranian opposition in Paris on June 13, former US Congressman Patrick Kennedy said any negotiations should lead to the theocratic dictatorship in Tehran being replaced by the 'brighter future' offered by Iranian Resistance leader Maryam Rajavi.

He said: The West's nuclear deal must be 'airtight' and include snap inspections and complete oversight of the regime's facilities, Kennedy said.

Maryam Rajavi hailed Prof. Baldev for his activities advocating peace

Professor Raj Baldev passed away, in India. A Cosmo Theorist, an international peace activist and old friend of Iranian Resistance, Mr. Baldev headed India's World Peace Delegation and founded the God Believers Association.

Prof. Raj Baldev assisted the Iranian people and Resistance since the outset of their nationwide resistance in June 1981 and the Iranian regime's ruthless crackdown. He wrote letters of protest to the UN Secretary General, presidents of the United States and France and other international personalities to expose the crimes of the clerical regime.

IRAN: 220 Euro MPs support Maryam Rajavi’s ten-point plan


A statement signed by over 220 who represent all political groups in the European Parliament expresses solidarity with the ten-point plan of the Iranian opposition leader, Maryam Rajavi, which calls for a democratic change in Iran. 

In the statement sent to EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini the MEPs said: “We express our solidarity with the ten-point plan of the Iranian opposition leader Maryam Rajavi, which calls for a democratic pluralistic republic based on universal suffrage, freedom of expression, abolition of torture and death penalty, separation of church and state, a non-nuclear Iran, an independent judicial system, rights for minorities, peaceful coexistence in the region, gender equality and commitment to Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

Italian Senator issues support of June 13 rally

Italian Senator Lucio Malan has issued his support for the gathering of the Iranian Resistance in Villepinte, Paris, on June 13 to make a stand against a regime that is a 'danger to the region and the whole world'.

Mr Malan also warned against the prospect of a nuclear Iran, and a deal with the West that offers no safe provisions to prevent the mullahs obtaining a nuclear weapon.

IRAN: Political prisoner Ali Moezi supports June 13 Paris rally

In a statement published from prison, Mr. Ali Moezi, the political prisoner being held in Karaj central priso, called on all Iranians outside the country to join the upcoming gathering of Iranian opposition on June 13 in Villepinte, Paris.

The Iranian communities the world over will gather in their biggest gathering ever, to stand up to Tehran, to highlight its egregious polices as the epicenter of Islamic extremism, and to call for a new Western policies that address the changing dynamics of the most volatile and strategically important region of the world while supporting democratic and anti-fundamentalist local movements and populations.

Shenandoah University Student’s Campaign for Freedom in Iran

Donya Jam, an entering senior in political science at Shenandoah University was born and raised in the greater Washington, D.C. area. Her parents had fled their native Iran years earlier after becoming targets of the clerical regime for their active opposition to the repressive theocracy being established by Ayatollah Khomeini.

Despite the fact that her family can never safely return to Iran for as long as that regime remains in power, Ms. Jam feels a strong connection to her parents’ homeland. To that end, the young woman has campaigned tirelessly for as long as she can remember in favor of the fundamental transformation of the regime in Tehran.

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