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Free Ashraf Seven and refer Iran's HR dossier to the UN, conference demands

Demands for the United Nations to refer Iran's human rights record to the Security Council and urgent pleas for the release of the seven Ashraf hostages have been issued at a conference in Paris.

The event held on the eve of International Human Rights Day - also demanded immediate UN protection for the 3,100 Iranian dissidents under constant threat of attack in Camp Liberty.


Iran-Student Day- Rouhani's government clamped down on students in fear of similar 2009 uprisings

Students in University of Tehran and Sharif Industrial universities chanted "Death to Dictator", "Political Prisoner must be Freed". 

In Tehran’s Polytechnic University, students clashed with regime's paramilitary Basij forces.

Regime repressive forces, clamped down on students over protest fears

Students in various Tehran universities and other cities staged protests on the occasion on the Student Day.


Iranians to protest at visit of Javad Zarif to UNESCO

Supporters of the Iranian Resistance living in France will hold a rally in protest at the visit of Javad Zarif, the Foreign Minister of the mullahs' regime, to UNESCO's General Conference in France on November 6.


Iran nuclear talks must not cloud executions and crimes against humanity at Ashraf, Rajavi warns

Nuclear negotiations with Iran should not be used to disguise the crimes against humanity at Camp Ashraf and mass executions in the regime, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance Maryam Rajavi has told a conference in Paris.

Mrs Rajavi also urged the international community to refer dossier of Iran's human rights violations to the UN Security Council, to fight for the freedom of political prisoners and to make economic deals with the regime conditional upon a cessation of executions.

She told the international gathering in the French capital: "The issue of Iran is the resistance of a nation which is at its wit's end and demands that the religious fascism are removed and the path be paved for a free election and the rule of people’s vote.


Paris : Iranians protest at visit of mullahs' FM to France

NCRI - Iranians living in France will hold rallies in protest at the visit of Javad Zarif, the Foreign Minister of the mullahs' regime, to UNESCO's General Conference in France on November 5 and 6.

The visit takes place at a time when human rights abuses are increasing at an alarming rate in Iran and more than 300 people have been executed - one every seven hours - since the election of Hassan Rouhani.


Iran- Protest- Rouhani's speech interrupted by Students chanting for the release of Political Prisoners

During Hassan Rouhani - regimes president’s speech at Meli University in Tehran, students interrupted the speech by chanting, “political prisoners must be released”. This was despite restrictions and strong security control over the students.

The state run main TV channel which was broadcasting the speech live from Meli University, muted the sound gradually but eventually had to stop the live session in order to prevent broadcasting the student's protests.

Students also chanted, “students prefer to die than to accept disgrace”. 

Reports from Sharif Industrial University indicated students posting a huge sign on top of the university entrance, writing, “No entry!” and protested against the presence of Hossein Shariatmadari – Khamenei’s mouthpiece director. Shariatmadari, was due to speak on the occasion of the Students Day. Prior to this, the students had announced, “we don’t allow someone to lie to us with impudence at our own university…”


Iranian opposition: Maryam Rajavi speaks at conference in the French National Assembly

NCRI - Mrs Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, attended the conference entitled: "The Iran policy, Release of hostages, Protect Camp Liberty."

The conference held at the French National Assembly on Tuesday evening.


Maryam Rajavi expresses condolences for the passing of Mandela

Mrs Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran expressed her condolences for the passing of Nelson Mandela to the people of South African and all those who strive for freedom.

Iranian opposition: Maryam Rajavi's speech at Paris international conference – October 19

Despite all the deceptions, schemes and massacres on the part of the velayat-e faqih regime and despite the shameful and disgraceful policy of appeasement and the betrayed commitments and promises of world governments, I must stress that the torturous and long march of the Iranian people toward the ideal of freedom, which is advanced at the cost of the lives of our most beloved friends, will certainly be triumphant.


Jordanian MPs present Maryam Rajavi support for free Iran, release of Camp Ashraf hostages

Jordanian parliamentarians in conference for solidarity with Iranian Resistance in the National Council of Resistance of Iran headquarters in France

• Maryam Rajavi: The religious dictatorship in Iran is region’s foremost predicament that has taken hostage security, democracy and peace; the solution is establishment of the front against fundamentalism

• While voicing their solidarity with hunger strikers in Camp Liberty and other countries, parliamentarians called on the Arab community to condemn Maliki’s atrocities and defend Liberty residents. This is an imperative in confronting Iranian regime’s cupidity.


Maryam Rajavi's speech at EPP Group conference at the Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe

Text of speech by Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the Iranian Resistance:

I am very delighted to be speaking with all of you today.

I have come today, to draw your attention to two important issues:

First – After September 1st massacre at Camp Ashraf, 52 person were killed and 7 hostages, including 6 women are detained by the Iraqi government.
Urgent action is needed for their release.


Local Iranians demanding action against Iranian Gov't

SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Dozens of people lined up outside Horton Plaza Sunday to protest executions in Iran and demand the release of seven Iranian hostages being held at a refugee camp in Iraq.

Since Iran's new president, Hassan Rouhani, took office in August, he has overseen 200 executions, including 40 political prisoners publicly hanged in the past 10 days.


Photos : Iranian opposition convention in Berlin

NCRI - Thousands of delegates representing Iranians living in Germany attending a convention in Berlin on Saturday declared their support for democratic change in Iran and called for the release of the seven Camp Ashraf residents taken hostage by Iraqi forces.