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Italian Senator: Halt Iran’s export of terrorism to tackle Islamic extremism

Halting Iran's meddling in the Middle East and supporting the Iranian Resistance are the only ways to tackle the rise of ISIS and Islamic extremism, Italian senator Antonio Razzi has told a conference in Paris.

Mr Razzi also issued his support for the plight of Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty and condemned the widespread human rights abuses in the Iranian regime.


Iranian Resistance is solution to problem of terrorism in region, former Algerian PM urges

The Iranian Resistance will necessarily be the solution to the problem of terrorism now including Iraq and Syria where the Iranian regime is heavily involved, Algeria's former prime minister Sid Ahmed Ghozali has urged.

Speaking at a conference in Paris on Sunday, he said the world must unite to combat the phenomenon of Islamic extremism in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris and called on the West not to shy away from the roots of the problem of terrorism and Islamic extremism.


Maryam Rajavi praised for ‘courageous opposition’ to Iran regime state terrorism

The former head of France's domestic intelligence agency has praised Iranian Resistance leader Maryam Rajavi for her courageous stance against the state-sponsored terrorism perpetrated by Iran.

State terrorism was the most dangerous form of its kind, and used by the regime in Tehran to wage violence outside its borders, Yves Bonnet told a conference in Paris.


Iranian opposition leader Maryam Rajavi condemned criminal attack in Paris

Maryam Rajavi, a Muslim who has been fighting against the Islamic regime in Iran, ardently condemns this "barbaric act".

The attack against the French satirical weekly has sparked horror among the international community, including Muslim leaders who condemned the "shocking murder" and offered their support to the French people in the fight against terrorism and freedom of the press.


Hassan Rouhani remarks exposes Iranian regime ‘crisis and deadlock’: Interview

NCRI - The Sunday’s remarks by Hassan Rouhani, has exposed the Iranian regime’s 'weakness and internal conflicts' in the clerical regime, Mohammad Mohaddessin, chairman of the NCRI Foreign Affairs Committee, said in an interview.

Mr Mohaddessin's scathing assessment of the Iranian regime comes after Hassan Rouhani addressed the Iranian Economy Conference in Tehran on January 4.

Below is the full text of the English translation of the interview:


Iran: State-run media attack opposition on anniversary of 2009 protests

NCRI - On the anniversary of the 2009 anti-regime protests in Iran, a number of state-run media outlets in Iran have intensified a wave of attacks against the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) and the National Council of Resistance of Iran, criticizing their role in the protests.

The main state-run TV channel aired a speech that Mrs Maryam Rajavi, the NCRI’s president-elect, had made before the protest began. In her speech she revealed the mullahs’ plans to rig elections.


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